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Posted by Blake (Member # 75) on :
Im a film and animation student and i have to write an essay of about 7000 words but i need help finding a subject to write it about. The essay has to be about a film or issues in film can anyone help me think up a good subject to write about. PLEASE HELP ME PLEASE ANYONE
Posted by JETTA00 (Member # 240) on :
Hey Blake,

You could do GENDER ISSUES in Film-this is only a suggestion. Here is a website on this issue:

I hoped this helped some!!

Posted by Blake (Member # 75) on :
Thank you for your help im gonna look it up and see what i can do.

I will still take other peoples suggestions if they have any.

Posted by The Wizard (Member # 533) on :
How about something on the "feel good factor"? there are so many films where good wins yet there are only a handful where evil wins.

Some films where evil wins are:

Invasion of the Body Snatchers (70's remake with Donald Sutherland)
The Usual Suspects
Arlington Road
The Blair Witch Project
Halloween III
Event Horizon
Supernova (the alternate ending)

Yet the list of films where good wins is immense.

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