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Posted by rapunzelyn (Member # 1044) on :
Two movies from the 80s I think. One of them had 2 robots.. wasn't Short Circuit. female robot dressed in pink and the male was dressed in a tux and they go on a trip and eventually their batteries wear down. The other movie was animated.. had 2 main characters, I only remember their names Firechild and Waterbaby. Any help with these would be great!
Posted by CheekiMunki (Member # 101) on :
The Sea Prince and the Fire Child....classic cartoon. Is out of print, but you can buy VHS version used on EBay. Her name was Malta, I forget his name.
Posted by rapunzelyn (Member # 1044) on :
Thanks Cheeki! Wish I could remember the other movie though! All I can visualize is the two robots, one male one female. And no it's not Short Circuit! If anyone else has a suggestion.. fire away!
Posted by rapunzelyn (Member # 1044) on :
I figured it out.. the robot movie is called HeartBeeps!
Posted by StevenHW (Member # 509) on :
Rapunzelyn wrote:
I figured it out. The robot movie is called Heartbeeps!

Heartbeeps came out in 1981 and starred the late Andy Kaufman and Bernadette Peters as the robots. Unfortunately, it was a box-office flop.

I remember watching Kaufman appearing on David Letterman's TV show in the early 80's, and Kaufman said that the film was so awful that he apologized to anyone who saw the movie and wanted give everyone their money back. Knowing Kaufman's sense of humor, I wasn't sure if he was entirely joking about that offer!

Anyway, the story and premise of Heartbeeps was treated more seriously in "Bicentennial Man" (1999), which starred Robin Williams.

Posted by rapunzelyn (Member # 1044) on :
I remember watching the movie several times when I was little, it came on HBO .. or maybe it was Cinemax. Anyway, it may have been a flop but I kinda liked it when I was 5.

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