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Posted by European Vacation (Member # 182) on :
I'm looking for a song that is in the movie "National Lampoons European Vacation."
The song it played when they go into the museum, and they are in fast forward, looking at all the museum items in only 15 minutes! During this scene, there is a song playing, I would like to know who sings it and what the name is.
I searched, but couldn't finy any soundtrack. Please help.
Posted by McFly (Member # 354) on :
I think you're referring to the song sung in French as they are on hyperspeed.

All I could suggest is looking in the end credits.

Euro. Vac. had a great soundtrack. Unfort. a lot of the songs were by unknowns who's stuff is hard to find.

Posted by raygunxyz (Member # 1045) on :
The song you want is called "Ca Plane pour Moi" by Plastic Bernard in translation it mean "the plane for me" its about smoking the wacky tabacy
Posted by OConner880 (Member # 415) on :
Whats so wacky about tobacco. Is wacky tabacy another name for that thing that green stuff that makes you love everbody?

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