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Posted by OConner880 (Member # 415) on :
Does anyone know when 'Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade' will come out on DVD?..My little nephews really love that one and its one of my favorites too. So far the first two are the only ones on DVD, how could the studio not release one of Harrison Ford and Sean Connery's biggest flicks?..By the way, someone told me he's doing ANOTHER one in like 2 years, it actually may already be filming. Fords' still got the leading man power inside, but hes' gettin up there..I just hope he doesn't drop dead of a stroke while running away from another boulder. Does anyone have a copy of the unreleased DVD if it was sold in the past?..It wasn't till these things came out that everyone realized how much of a short life span VHS tapes have...
Posted by McFly (Member # 354) on :
Yep, crazy but at the same time great. Kind of like Arnold doing T3 at age 55 this year.
I believe Ford is 62.

Though I didn't like the Indy series it'll be cool to have a real retro thing happening with part 4.

Got me thinking...Ford will have played Indy over three different decades! Same with Arnold and the Terminator! Gives you up hope that the 80s will literally never die.

Posted by OConner880 (Member # 415) on :
Youre right. We need Stallone doin another Rocky..the fifth one made me wanna get up and fight somebody, what a sequence at the end! I could stand another Rocky as opposed to things like 'Driven' which were made a little too late. If that had come out before 'Gone In 60 Seconds' and these trashy teenage/college freshman night-out garbage like 'Fast and Furious' it probably would've brought more of a crowd...although it did attract the Dom DeLuise and Burt Renolds crowd that used to watch those two in racing movies years ago. I'd like to see baby-face Ralph Maccio take on Daniel-san again, we'd have to do it before Pat Morita died at 123 years old though...I heard somewhere that Eddie Murphy and Jerry Bruckheimer might be getting ready to go for a fourth Beverly Hills Cop, you can bet that a movie like that wont even need any promotion...because you'd have all of the fans of the first two, their kids, and people over 18 who haven't written Eddie off as a childrens movie star yet. Bring on Axel Foley again, get rid of some of this crap thats flooding the movie theatres these days.
Posted by McFly (Member # 354) on :
I totally love Eddie...when they put him in a good film. That's why so many of us fell in love with him after Cop 1. Smart script, funny, good action, a character you really liked. Unfort. he's been riding the success of that nearly 20 years later with films that don't really use all his worth. The Dolittle's and Nutty Profs (which I can't stand) are just kiddie fodder. Endless fart jokes and fat jokes, makes me cringe. Cop 3 was so weird, it didn't even seem connected to other two. I didn't like Cop 2 but at least it had some of the feel of part 1. 3 just seemed like slapstick.

I have had a KK part 4 script in my mind for years. Miyagi's sick and broke, about to lose his home, and Daniel comes back for one more tournament to try and win like 20 grand which will save Mr M.'s house. I get goosebumps just imaging hearing the plucking of the strings and the pan flute as the opening credits start.

Posted by StevenHW (Member # 509) on :
Part of what OConner880 wrote about Harrison Ford:
...By the way, someone told me he's doing ANOTHER one in like 2 years, it actually may already be filming. Ford's still got the leading man power inside, but he's gettin up there. I just hope he doesn't drop dead of a stroke while running away from another boulder...

Myself, I just wonder what might've been if Tom Selleck was available to play Indy Jones in the first one, "Raiders Of The Lost Ark". Harrison Ford was not the original choice or even the second choice to play the role. As I remember it, Selleck was approached by Spielberg and George Lucas but his contract with that "Magnum P.I." TV show didn't allow him to take time off for the Indy Jones role. Then Nick Nolte, who had been the second choice, turned down the part.

Would the entire series been better? Selleck always had this dashing macho, Golden Age of Hollywood look and style about him, so I could understand how he could've been the original choice to play Indy. Besides, Selleck is three years younger than Ford.

I'm sure Selleck was very disappointed at the bad timing of it all and missing the chance to work on a mega-hit production with Spielberg and Lucas. It certainly would've made him a bigger star than he is today, though he did appear in the comedy hit "Three Men And A Baby" (1987).

I have not seen it, but I believe Selleck did appear in an adventure movie in the mid-80's called "The High Road To China". Has anyone here seen it? My guess is that it was Selleck's way of saying what could've been if he was to handle an action- adventure hero role similar to Indiana Jones.

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