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Posted by yngcfa (Member # 1227) on :
I know these movies are out of print but does anyone know if these films will be made again? They are just too expensive on ebay.
Posted by Blake (Member # 75) on :
Im from the uk and you can still buy them on vhs here,i got my copies for about 5.99 each from HMV. They are both also availble in the US on DVD and Vhs im shocked you cant find them any where.
Posted by Nick (Member # 404) on :
Just use the red search device on the page(s) of the movies and it'll find a copy for you.

It couldn't be easier... :))

Posted by yngcfa (Member # 1227) on :
I have done the searches and I can find the movie. However, I cannot afford to $70 for Weird Science. That is why I was wondering if they are going to be re-released as a later date when the price might be a little lower.
Posted by Fiend138 (Member # 186) on : and have copies of both on vhs for a relatively low price
Posted by Trixie (Member # 545) on :
Weird Science and Sixteen Candles can be found at Suncoast (movie store found in malls) or for $8.99. They have VHS, no DVD. I actually got my copy of Sixteen Candles at Target.
Posted by yngcfa (Member # 1227) on :
Thanks for all the replies but I was looking for the DVD of each. I have Weird Science on VHS. I think it is strange that these two are no longer made on DVD.
Posted by habed (Member # 800) on :
I purchased Weird Science like 2 months ago, region 1 @$24.00 USD. I know it's expensive but that's about how much a movie costs here in Mexico with all the importation duties and all. And I saw more copies of it just last weekend, so I guess if we have it, it should be everywhere.

Hasta pronto!!

Humberto Abed

Posted by born in the eighties (Member # 627) on :
yeah blake i bought those shyts from tower records in picadilly circus, i also got fast times at ridgemont high there too...

where can i find 3 o clck high????

who has it, may be i can buy a copy???

Posted by marshmallowkitten (Member # 947) on :
I don't see why they wouldn't put these out on dvd again. The prices on the internet are rediculous. You would think that the distrubiters wouldn't want others profiting so much off of their movies. I wonder if anyone is actually desperate enough to buy them for 100 bucks? Pretty silly really. Unless of course I was the one selling them!

I am holding out with hopes of a 20 year anniversary special addition release or something. In the meantime I can happily watch my vhs copies :)

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