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Posted by rocksteadyflamethrower (Member # 1065) on :
I've thought about this topic several times and it seems that several movies that weren't released in the 80s, but immediately preceding or following, still had an 80s spirit to them.

My suggestion is: Do you think there's a page that could be devoted to these kinds of movies? Examples:


-"Apocolypse Now"
-"The Muppet Movie"
-"The Warriors"
-"Star Trek: The Motion Picture"
-"The Black Hole"
-"The Rose"
-"The Amityville Horror"
-"The Black Stallion"
-"All That Jazz"


-"Pretty Woman"
-"Dick Tracy"
-"The Grifters"
-"Homr Alone"
-"Total Recall"
-"Edward Scissorhands"
-"The Witches"
-"Pump Up The Volume"

These movies have an 80s spirit to them, but they were made either preceding or immediately following our beloved decade.

So, would a sub-division on this site dedicated to these "borderliners" be a good idea or not?


John "rocksteadyflamethrower" Kilduff

Posted by Bridgette Marie (Member # 88) on :
Well, actually John, both a 70's and a 90's sites are in the making. Our editor Nick is responsible for the design work of these sites, so I'm sure in his spare time he's been spending time working on those sites.However, it takes a long time to design a site, so give Nick some time! I'm sure they'll be fabulous when they are finished =)
Posted by McFly (Member # 354) on :
Well, I'd say that actually a couple years into the 90's they were still getting it right. "City Slickers", "Mr. Destiny", "Pump Up The Volume" (definite 80s-ish teen angst), "Backdraft" and so on. It took them several years before recapturing the fun of a goofy adventure with "Con Air", but aside from that I rarely see movies I like anymore.
Posted by Lady_Depp on :
I always wished Pump Up The Volume was an 80's flick. I luv that movie~
Posted by Nick (Member # 404) on :
Bridgette is right! We've got 70's and 90's in progress (you can see the 70s site work in progress @ )

But John's point is absolutely right. These movies are good examples of what we call 'honorary 80's movies' and there is a section on this site for these... look in the site features menu. It's been a bit neglected lately.

I was thinking that we could specify 70s and 90s movies as 'honorary 80s movies' in the site engine so that they could appear on the 80's site as well..?

Posted by Jeannie (Member # 260) on :
Had a quick sqiz at the 70's site, it looks really good Nick, well dont that man, and you gotta love Logans run. Is there really any need for them to take their clothes off that often!?! hehehe!
Posted by Jeannie (Member # 260) on :
that was s'poed to read well DONE that man! doh!
Posted by Nick (Member # 404) on :
Thanks Jeannie. Hopefully we'll get it launched soon and then get to the 90s too :))
Posted by Bridgette Marie (Member # 88) on :
Hey Guys,

My idea on the Honorary 80's movies from 79 and 90 is that we shouldnt do it, basically because they AREN'T 80's movies. I love a lot of films from the 90s and 70s, but I think each page should be kept purely with movies from their own decade, otherwise it might get too confusing and the site wouldnt be an entirely 80s site or 90s site, or whatever decade it was.But thats just my opinion.

Posted by Nick (Member # 404) on :
Good point. I guess as it's all of us who are involved in doing it, it will probably end up being a kind of "Retro movies from an 80's child viewpoint" site -LOL

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