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Posted by Blair (Member # 74) on :
I bought this one on video just last week and was so ecstatic to have found it! I relate to Blair so much, that I chose the name for this forum...
this is a cute little place and just wanted to give props to Less Than Zero 1987~ ~ ~
XOXOX~ Kristin Noelle

Posted by Blair (Member # 74) on :
This goes out especially to Andrew McCarthy tonight! I think his acting is brilliant!
My father's all time favourite movie is Pretty in Pink btw!!!

XOXOX~ Kristin Noelle

Posted by born in the eighties (Member # 627) on :
lol @ blair, that dude wasc a jerk in pretty in pink,lol!!
andrew mcarthy, where is he now??

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Posted by Jeannie (Member # 260) on :
hey, you can't talk about Andrew Mcarthy that way! He's lovely!
Posted by Blair (Member # 74) on :
I just found out that Andrew married his college sweetheart in 1999~ so he sounds as if he is OK, and safe and sound, despite the Movie Star life that sometimes can be filled with a lot of tragedy...
He is great, and as I mentioned at another McCarthy site, he is a Good influence for "cool" people, in a lot of his roles...
I admire him for that!
XOXOX~ Kristin Noelle

Posted by Blair (Member # 74) on :

Dear Andrew~
I just wanted to introduce myself to you, as a devoted fan and a devoted friend...I am ultimately interested in your work from the 80s but have heard you do Broadway now, which is most admirable as well in the acting world.
I have many friends in the acting world, yet I do not act...I am an artist and a published poet. But you are very inspiring to me and think you would be the most gorgeous muse! If you would like to view my painting or links I am enclosing my profile on yahoo...and my e-mail is that name @, but if you are interested in me or would like to hear about the behind the scenes of the "brat pack" of write!
thinking of you today...
Kristin Noelle

Posted by Blair (Member # 74) on :
I made a little yahoo group for my "character" Blair from Less Than Zero the movie! It includes pics from the movie and is mostly geared towards Andrew McCarthy's work in the 80s including Pretty in Pink if ya wanna see or join!

<a href="">
<img src="" border=0><br>
Click to subscribe to AndrewMcCarthyinPink</a>

XOXOX~ Blair

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