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Posted by stumped (Member # 1151) on :
When I was younger I watched a suspense or horror movie. Well it is about this family that moves to an old house and it is haunted. I remember that somebody lived on the same land. The house was huge but no one lived there for a long time. I think that the person that lived in like the "guest house" new the ghost (maybe family). I watched it probably 6 or 7 years ago. It ended up not even being scary, just good. I know I didn't give a lot of information, but that is all I can remember now.
Posted by Jeannie (Member # 260) on :
It sounds Like Watcher in the Woods, one of my favourites. Bette Davies was the woman in the lodgy thing. An American family move into the big old house in England, and the kids get haunted by Karen, Bette Davies' daughter, until they free her, coz she was trapped in another dimension. If that's the one it's a terrific film!!!
Posted by stumped (Member # 1151) on :
Thank you so much, I think that is it. I will try to find it a watch it, so I know for sure. I was like 13 when I watched it so its been like 9 years ago! Thanks a lot!

Posted by SpcLLady (Member # 505) on :
IT could be the other movie, someone mentioned but also sounds like "Amity vill Horror" <something like that> It was based on this house on Long Island. <I grew up about 10 minutes from that house> or it sounds like "Pultergise" <that spelling i know is wrong but close>.
Hope I didn't confuse you too much.


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