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Posted by Gable (Member # 196) on :
I appreciate your help finding the name of a movie that I believe was made in the 80’s. It is about a trial for some Australian solders that were fighting a war in Southern Africa. Apparently they were given orders to perform some war related action for which when they were captured they were put on trial for it. As I remember the movie it flashed back and forth between the trial and the events they were charged with. One memorable scene is when the fort they were being held in was attacked, the prisoners were given firearms to defend the fort, then were put back in their cells after the attack was over. The quote from one of the actors was “That was a nice way to break up the day.” or something like that.

Thanks in advance for your help!



Posted by Rasmus (Member # 451) on :

It sounds like the movie called "Breaker Morant" with Edward Woodward, but I could be wrong.


Posted by Patrick (Member # 424) on :
I'm not positive, but it kinda sounds like the movie 'The Dogs of War'(1981) Starring Christopher Walken and Tom Berenger...
Posted by Gable (Member # 196) on :
Thanks Rasmus, it was Breaker Morant. Now to find it at the local video store...

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