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Posted by kevinverdine (Member # 895) on :
Ok listen up folks, the song "I need a Hero" by bonnie tyler - i know its from a selection of movies, but i'm trying to think of one in particular with it being played in the background of like an action scene. Somthing involving, racing, or fighting or something of that nature. This is going to pester me for a very long time if i don't get serious help, so please message me with your comments at
Posted by P_a_u_l (Member # 1022) on :
Answer: FOOTLOOSE!!!

The track is played when Kevin Bacon and his main enemy play Chicken with diggers - huge scoop buckets raised at head level - it continues until the other guy pulls out and crashes into a styream, not knowing that Kevin Bacon had his foot stuck and had no way of stopping!

Posted by kevinverdine (Member # 895) on :
Hi, Its me again, I know footloose is one of the movies, but its not the one i'm thinking of, if you can help please message me.

Posted by willman85 (Member # 1215) on :
could it be short circuit 2?
Posted by Kash (Member # 297) on :
hey man, you might be thinking of the TV show Cover Up (the action stuff u described was the opening)
Posted by willman85 (Member # 1215) on :
I don't think the theme from Cover Up is the same song.
Posted by willman85 (Member # 1215) on :
It was played near the end, during the chase between Johnny Five and the jewel thief (someone please back me up on this). That reminds me; neither of the Short Circuit films are on the menu...
Posted by court_hustler (Member # 690) on :
Yeah i remember another movie with "i need a hero" in an action sequence, i can't think of it right now but it's there, it was a really obscure movie i think,
Posted by TresFoxy (Member # 542) on :
It was defintly Short Circuit 2 no doubt about it!!!! GO WATCH IT :) It has Micheal McKean, Lenny from Lerverne and Shirly in it and of course Johnny 5!!!

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