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Posted by credit card kid (Member # 691) on :
I remember seeing this movie, the zoo, maybe just zoo, and it was about some high school, i remember one part where this kid with brass knuckles hits this really big kid into a book case in the library and then all the book cases fall over in domino effect, anyone remember that movie?
Posted by P_a_u_l (Member # 1022) on :
The only one I can think of with such a scene in it wasn't from the 80's, but 1996 - High School High. It starred Jon Lovitz as an idealistic teacher moving from a wealthy college to an inner city nightmare. There's a scene where he is attacked in the library, and just such a thing happens, knocking out his fellow teacher and all-round would-be squeeze, played by Tia Carrere (from Waynes World)
Posted by PookeyBum (Member # 435) on :
I dont remember much about a zoo..??, but the movie your describing sounds like Three o'Clock High (1987). This scrawny high school kid has trouble with a bully in highschool who hates to be touched. They have this big fight in the end in front of all the students and the bully uses these brass knuckles... The bookshelf scene is when the kid hires another student to take care of the bully and ends up getting knocked into the libary bookshelves. I loved watching it!! Great movie!!
Posted by credit card kid (Member # 691) on :
you might be right, I do know three o'clock high (where they buy the paper in the end, right?), I could have sworn they were two different movies though, the only other scene I remember from the movie I thought was the zoo was when some guy hogties another guy (i think)

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