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Posted by punky (Member # 1036) on :
does anyone what song is playing during one of the final scenes- when mary stuart masterson runs away down the street crying?
your help is greatly appreciated:) i watch that scene just to hear the music...
Posted by Nick (Member # 404) on :
That's gonna be part of the original score (instrumental) music by Stephen Hague & John Musser.

Like so many movies, the score is sadly not present on the soundtrack CD...


Posted by punky (Member # 1036) on :
hey, thanks a lot nick :) yeah, you're right about soundtracks - that can be pretty disappointing when that happens.
Posted by jasonlives (Member # 838) on :
I watched that one again on TBS the other gets better each time!! I simply love Mary Stuart Masterson in this role...she is HOT!!! What a great story,too!! It just goes to show how damn good the teen films of the 80's really were & how they can never be duplicated with todays actors!! Another instant classic!!
Posted by P_a_u_l (Member # 1022) on :
Watched the movie again last night - the piece of music you want is a piece of the 'bridge' (musical term there!) from a track called Cry Like This. It's on the soundtrack, by a group called Blue Room. But you never get the lyrics, just the bridge.
Posted by punky (Member # 1036) on :
wow. really? thanks for the new information- much appreciated!! now i'm gonna try to download that song- i hope someone on morpheus has it...otherwise i'll look for the soundtrack. and thanks for the additional info- the music lingo. hehe. always nice to learn something new:)
Posted by torr59 (Member # 1192) on :
Its not surprising that this movie is so good. John Hughes did it, and he's known for Breakfast club, Pretty in Pink, Sixteen Candles and even Planes Trains and Automobiles.

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