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Posted by Mhad Ngad (Member # 362) on :
I've got a big problem! I saw No retreat, no surrender in the german television and there was a great song after the fight and during the training-montages, but its not on the original soundtrack. The movie is called "Karate Tiger 1" in Germany. Please help me, I love this song, but I was not able to find out, which artist and which title it has! This is a part of the lyrics:
"Nobody told you that you face the truth alone, you got the power to begin. Let yourself wonder, let your spirit find the way. Reach for the power from within. You got the reason that let people keep you down. Stand up and fight for what you are. Your biggest challenge is t (dont know)within yourself, know what your fighting for!"

Chorus: "Hold on to the vision in your eyes! Keep the fire burning bright, got to make me realize (?). Only with this power can you rise! hold on to that vision in your eyes!"

Please help me!!! I have an MP3-rip from the video, if anybody wants to hear the song! My E-Mail-Adress is

Posted by Shigiwara (Member # 493) on :
Hi !
I´m German,
and I´ve got the same Problem.
I also love this great song !!
But I can´t find it, too.
It´s too sad.
I hope that somebody can
help us. Maybe we should form
an "Unknown Song From NRNS"-Fan-Club.
Please, help us !

Posted by stray_samurai (Member # 1150) on :
Hello, guys !
I share Your problem.
I think Paul Gilreath wrote this song, which is called "stand on your own".
I have the mp3, but its diffrent from the version in the movie.I think another band recorded Gilreath´s song for "no retreat, no surrender", but I dunno which one.

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