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Posted by BonsaiTree (Member # 6442) on :
I keep feeling disgusted when I read about the Will Smith remake of Karate Kid staring his son…. So I got inspired to write my own fan treatment of what I would enjoy seeing for a new Karate Kid movie... So here is my idea, I‘d love to hear what other Karate Kid fans think of this:

The opening scene shows adult Daniel in 2007, standing next to his wife Ali, at the funeral for Mr. Miyagi. Sadly, there are few people there as Mr. Miyagi didn’t have many friends in the US (although if we’re lucky, maybe Hilary Swank would do a tiny cameo reprising her role as Julie just for this scene).
Daniel notices a short, skinny, 17 year old Japanese boy at the funeral, who he doesn’t recognize. Daniel asks the boy who he is, and with a thick Japanese accent he says his name is Hideki Miyagi - he is a young, distant relative of Mr. Myagi who grew up in Tokyo, but recently came to the US as a foriegn exchange student to study making computer animations, as well as learning better English, to prepare for taking college courses in the US studying computer animations. Hideki says although he’s distantly related to Mr. Miyagi, he knows nothing of Karate or any martial arts. Hideki knows a very different side of Japanese culture: computer animations. Daniel’s wife, Ali, is now a High School Gymnastics teacher (at the same High School Daniel & Ali attended in the original film). It turns out Hideki will be attending the same High School. Daniel tells Hideki what a good man Mr. Miyagi was, and he’ll always remember him. Daniel gives Hideki his phone number, and says call him if he needs help finding anything in Reseda. Daniel also mentions is job is as a Real Estate owner.

After Hideki begins attending the school, he soon meets a girl named Elizabeth who is highly impressed with Hideki’s computer skills. Later that evening, Hideki and Elizabeth go to Golf-N-Stuff (the same place where Daniel & Ali went on their first date in the original film), and Elizabeth is very impressed with all Hideki’s knowledge about the technical aspects behind the video games there. Then Elizabeth’s ex-boyfriend Billy, who has won some trophy‘s in Wrestling, notices Hideki and Elizabeth flirting and is quickly angered. So Billy starts a fight with Hideki in the parting lot and beats him easily.

From there on, Hideki feels afraid to continue talking to Elizabeth. Hideki continues to receive teasing and bullying from Billy….. Ali, while working at the school, notices that her best gymnastics student Elizabeth is always looking at Hideki in the hallways as if she feels sorry for him, but Hideki is always avoiding her… Ali notices the bruises on Hideki, but isn’t sure where there from. Then later she sees Billy and his friend teasing Hideki in the school’s hallway, saying prejudice things about his Japanese background - and Ali figures out what’s going on.

Later that day Ali goes home and tells Daniel what’s going on. Daniel calls Hideki encouraging him to take some Karate classes at a local Karate Dojo, where Bobby Brown (who has changed a lot since the first film, and is now a man of good morals) is the Sensei… Hideki asks if Daniel can teach him, and Daniel says “No, sorry, I’m no teacher.” Hideki says “Ok, I’ll try Bobby Brown’s Dojo.”

When Hideki goes to the Dojo, he sees Bobby shutting the place out of business. Hideki tells him why he’s there, and Bobby says “I’m sorry. I would have liked to have taught you. I would have liked teaching the good morals of Karate, and being be the opposite of my first Sensei Kreese, who Daniel must have told you about. But I just can‘t get enough business to keep this Dojo going”
Hideki calls up Daniel and tells him. Hideki asks if Daniel can offer any other advice, and Daniel says “No, I’m sorry.”

After hanging up the phone, Daniel has some flashbacks from the first movie. Then Daniel opens draw, and takes out a small old box. Opening it up, we see the headband Daniel wore many years ago. Ali walks in and says “Daniel, Mr. Miyagi gave you so much. Now it’s time for you to give something back. What would Mr. Miyagi want you to do if he could see you now? If you give it all you have, you can teach Hideki to defend himself at school, be with the girl he loves, and ultimately respect himself…. Do this for Hideki. Do this to honor Mr. Miyagi’s memory.”

Daniel calls Hideki and says “you have yourself a teacher” …….and the training begins.

And of course since it’s a wrestler vs. a Karate student, the climax would need to end on the streets and not in a tournament.

And that’s my basic idea for a new Karate Kid movie.

(NOTE: Although this idea is technically for a sequel, in many ways this idea is for a remake….. But really you could say all previous KK sequels were like remakes. And I think a movie like this would be fun for both fans of the original, and also younger generations who’ve never seen the original).
Posted by bandit (Member # 6296) on :
Great idea BonsaiTree.I like this and the fact that Daniel would bring on the Miyagi legacy to the future,and also back to the miyagi blood line itself.As you say.there could also be a logically place for Hillary Swank.(not bad)(oscar winner..)after all she was the last student of Miyagi.Bringing all the films we love together,and maybe make the foundation for a few new ones as well..

With the right script and producer,we could suddenly have magic going on!

But it`s not very likely i`m afraid..I love Will Smith`s work.don`t get me wrong.But i`m afraid they will ruin the essence and mood of the karate kid movies.well,i almost can guarantee it.It`s all about the dollars in the end...

but i would go for your version anytime BonsaiTree. wish i was an millionaire,then we could be starting filming asap :-)great post.
Take care.
Posted by BonsaiTree (Member # 6442) on :
Thank you for your compliments, Bandit. I appreciate them and I’m glad you liked my idea.

You know, I’m not saying Will Smith is the ideal director. But if Will Smith wanted to direct a KK sequel instead of a remake, that had a good story like this (that‘s faithful to the original film), and starred Ralph Macchio & Elisabeth Shue, and had cameos by people like Hilary Swank, William Zabka and Ron Thomas…… then all of the sudden I’m not sure all KK fans would be so opposed.

Since the movie is still in development, is there any way for fans like us to write to the producers and at least try suggesting this idea to them? (Even if it’s highly highly unlikely they’d even consider it for a second?)
Posted by bandit (Member # 6296) on :
I don't think that would ever happen on this planet.I`m afraid the kk film is in Smiths hands.And it will be a remake.cashing in some big money on the old movie reputation,and likely spin forward his sons movie career.
And with smith it could actually be a good remake,but nothing for us old timers.that would require something like your idea,with the original cast.that would be cool

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Posted by I'm a NOMS...Get Me Out Of Here (Member # 2688) on :
I don't like the fact he's married to Ali, otherwise though not a bad effort. He'd be better off marrying that chick from KK2 as he was in love with her whereas Ali was more a high school fling...

Noms [Cool]
Posted by I'm a NOMS...Get Me Out Of Here (Member # 2688) on :
ps. Why do people always assume a remake / reboot / whatever is going to be so terrible. Surely I'm not the only one who thinks that sometimes the remakes surpass their predecessors (Batman Begins for example.) I say, give Will Smith a chance and let's see what he comes up with. Anyone remember when Anne Rice openly criticised the direction of Interview with The Vampire? She had to publicly retract her statement when she realised what a great job had been done with the adaptation.

There. That's my two pence worth...

Noms [Cool]
Posted by BonsaiTree (Member # 6442) on :
Thanks.. Well of the 3 girlfriends we’ve seen Daniel have, Ali was my favorite. Also, the first movie was by far my favorite…….. But if they took my idea but only changed it to say Daniel was married to Kumiko instead of Ali, and Kumiko was the dance teacher at the local High School, I’d be okay with that…. Still, it just makes more sense to me that Ali lives in the same area and works at the same school, and also that this new movie return to the roots of the original film. But again, if they could have Kumiko as Daniel’s wife and teacher at the local school, I’d be happy.

I guess the biggest question is: which actress would be willing to return, Elisabeth Shue or Tamlyn Tomita? People have this idea that Elisabeth Shue went on to become this classy star and would likely look back at Karate Kid as a goofy movie she made when she was a kid. But in reality, what drama movie can you name (without looking it up) that she did since Leaving Las Vegas? I can’t name any. And that movie was released 13 years ago.
Posted by BonsaiTree (Member # 6442) on :
Why do I expect a Karate Kid remake to suck? Mainly two reasons:

1. Karate Kid is not that old of a movie and there‘s no reason to remake it now or anytime soon….. I mean, I loved the remake of King Kong. But that was taking a 1933 movie, and remaking it ages later - at a time when they could so many things they couldn’t do back then……. But other remakes ofmore recent films like the Bad News Bears, the Hills Have Eyes, the Fog etc, really just left me saying “What’s the point? This remake offered nothing that the original didn‘t already have.”

2. Will Smith is not a director. He’s an actor, who is now trying to be something more than he is by directing. And the fact that he plans on casting his 10 year old son as the Karate Kid and having this movie set in China, proves to me that he is not a fan of the original film and will not make this remake a good tribute to the original film. He’s just taking this as a directing job he can get.... To me, if producers want to see Will Smith direct, then let him direct something original. Don't let him hurt the name of a great classic.
Posted by I'm a NOMS...Get Me Out Of Here (Member # 2688) on :
Originally posted by BonsaiTree:

2. Will Smith is not a director. He’s an actor, who is now trying to be something more than he is by directing.

Of course Ron Howard and Clint Eastwood should never have given up their day jobs either huh?

I reiterate my previous point. Don't knock it until you've seen it. And if you really think it's going to be that bad, don't see it. Either way it's a moot point until its finished...

Noms [Cool]
Posted by bandit (Member # 6296) on :
I agree a with you BonsaiTree.But i think Smith actually could pull it of,making a decent remake(copy).That said...

i don`t really want point is that it would be very possible to please both the new generation,and us oldies.I don`t want a new exact copy with more or less the original storyline.I just feel this is generally a bad thing to do with movies still loved by so many.And remember this was some great films back then,at least two of them.It just feels wrong..

It`s possible to make a superb new karate kid movie with some reference to the old ones.
If they just could get some of the old cast.It would be great,watching a few of them on the silver screen again.This time as the grown up generation.I just would love to see that,and what surprises life had in for them,as i would love to see a new karate kid bringing on the legacy.

I don`t want to relive the kk saga,i want it to LIVE ON.. I think a lot of old kk fans feels the same way as well.But it`s just wish thinking i know..

Posted by darrenmaxdog (Member # 6310) on :
i also t hink the film still holds up today,a follow on would have been alot better,they could do it in such a way that you would never have had to have seen the first films but throw some stuff in there for fans like us
Posted by that_guy (Member # 6541) on :
I personally have grown kind of tired of the highschool bully-nerd dichotomy that many teen movies favor.

to me, karate kid has already done the whole "wimpy kid becomes awesome and then beats up bully" formula way too many times.

I would have liked to see a karate kid movie that focuses on establishing the growth of the main character both as a martial artist and as a character, all the while doing so without over-the-top villains that a lot of the character kid villains thus far have suffered from. (I'm looking at you, Mr. Silver)

The growth in the first three movies though, were very interesting to note as you can see it like this:

KK1: introduction to miyagi style: Daniel slowly becomes proficient within the miyagi style.
KK2: expertise within the style: Daniel is not just proficient, but an expert of the miyagi style. He even learns more of the signature moves for it.
KK3: branching out: every martial artist at some point must develop his own unique style. This is where Daniel begins to do just that.

I feel that if Daniel LaRusso's character is used again, it should be about the fundamental flourishing of his own school of thought. (That is, being the progeny of Miyagi-Do karate)

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