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Posted by Paint Defence (Member # 6006) on :
Anyone else think Elisabeth, as Ali, was super hot in KK? Hotter than any movie she did since IMO. I especially like the beach scenes [Wink]
Posted by hewzy (Member # 6043) on :
she was amazing in kk!! she was hot in that swim suit,yeah!!
Posted by pearwater (Member # 6093) on :
Yeah, I prefer to remember her like she was in The Karate Kid, although she was also smokin' hot in Adventures In Babysitting(A Night On The Town)!
Posted by BonsaiTree (Member # 6442) on :
Absolutely! Well, I think Elisabeth Shue is always hot! But I also thought she was a huge part of what made the first movie so great. And I would have rather seen her return for parts II and III than seen Daniel meet new girlfriends.

I also think if Ralph Macchio did not want to return for Karate Kid part IV, than instead of creating that new character Hilary Swank played, most Karate Kid fans (definitely myself) would have rather seen a 4th KK movie with Elisabeth Shue staring as the main character - where Johnny returns and repeatedly harasses Ali, and Miyagi decides to train Ali Karate so she can defend herself.
Posted by bandit (Member # 6296) on :
I think Ralph Macchio and Elisabeth Shue left just at the right moment..Somewhere the magic is just over.And it`s time to move on.I think they did the right thing at the time.But times are changing,and maybe the time is back for some more KK magic again?I would love to see them carrying on the legacy in a way these great films deserve.Have no expectations for a Will Smith vers..

Posted by TulaneUVA (Member # 6536) on :
Ha ha, this thread is so funny.

It's nice to know that other people think the same way...

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