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Posted by McFly (Member # 354) on :
Always good for a laugh. The dvd version is very limited, but if you just put on your tv version, there's a ton of misdirection. Daniel's mom is misidentified as Ali, they have Pat Johnson saying "Ready....fight!". I always thought it was something that sounded like "Ites!" or some kind of fight term.

After sweep the leg, they have Johnny saying "But Sensei...", and lots of [Daniel whooping], [grunts and moans], and [karate calls] LOL. Instead of "Heeyah!".

One of the more interesting ones is after Daniel's knee is elbowed by Johnny, they have Miyagi saying whispering "Come on. Come on" in the caption.
Posted by Larry B. Scott (Member # 2508) on :
Unfortunately, I've had to do some transcribing and captioning in my day, and it blows. I'm sure that the person that transcribed KK wasn't a fan like the people on this site.

I love the "Daniel Whooping" and "Karate Calls" though. That's pure transcribing artistry.

KK Fan Documentary
Posted by Jules (Member # 2627) on :
Karate Calls? lol That's too funny!! [Big Grin]

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