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Posted by Claude Willis (Member # 2489) on :
Ok here are some things I found interesting or incorrect in the new boxset DVD commentary....Please feel free to add your own.

-As stated before, Kamen claims that the South Seas Apt. building has been torn down...INCORRECT:confused:

-We learn for sure that the Apt. 20 interior was indeed a set, on a soundstage

-Ralph correctly says that Miyagi's handyman workshop was built in a parking space, and Kamen argues, saying it was really there...INCORRECT how could he get that and the Apt. thng wrong?! [Mad]

-They point out, and openly discuss the "I'm on Minute Maid" scene as blatant product placement due to an agreement between Coca-Cola (who owns Minute Maid), and Columbia Pictures:D

-It's hard to tell for sure if they were joking, but Kamen says the plaque on the school was created by the props dept. which is also...INCORRECT:confused:

-Kamen makes a joke when mentioning KK2 that Lucille (Randee Heller), and Ali (Elisabeth Shue), are not in it because Ralph chose to get a cut of the gross, and the merchandising. [Big Grin]

-Again, it's hard to tell if it was a joke or not, but Ralph says that it was screenwriter Robert Mark Kamen in the chicken costume at the Halloween dance who threw the egg at Daniel's head. [Confused]

-It is mentioned that Pat Morita's stunt double, Fumio Demura, has heart problems, and is in poor health currently. [Frown]

-Kamen claims that Ali was supposed to be dressed as Princess Leia in the Halloween dance scene...but with her feathered mask, and baby's breath in her hair...I find it hard to believe that. [Roll Eyes]

-They talk about how the Miyagi house location was torn down to build condos on...

-I found it funny that Kamen (the film's writer), starts talking about "great under appreciated lines" during the scene where they arrive at Miyagi's house. He probably thinks they're ALL under appreciated..he wrote them! lol

-The origin of the famous KK headband is revealed!! It was Pat Morita's personal hankerchief and they came up with the idea to wear it for training in a rehearsal one day.

-Ralph Macchio reveals that he owns the famous yellow 1947 Ford convertible from the film.

-Pat Morita kinda comes off sounding slightly like a mix of Cheech Marin, and Tommy Chong in some parts...saying "man" a lot..."I didn't have a gut or nothin', man". I also think that he doesn't say "Ralphie" is cute that much (despite what was said in a different post, but it's kinda nice to hear him comment on how great youth looks in this film...You canalmst feel him long for is own youth.

-It is revealed that Mr. Miyagi's truck actually belonged to Pat E. Johnson.

-It is revealed that Ralph Macchio owns 2 of the headbands used in the KK films.

-It is revealed that Pat Morita came up with the design for the bonsai in front of the sun
patch on te back of Daniel's gi.

-It is revealed that Avildsen had to "go back and shoot" the parking lot scenes for the beginning of KK2 after the first film. He says it was in the first script, but they never shot it for the first film. I think that will finally confirm and explain Chad Mcqueen's
absence from the beginning of KK2.

-Ralph talks about Webber being the original last name for the Daniel character. He said it was changed because he looked too italian for the name Webber. John Avildsen was surprised to learn that.

-it is revealed that William J. Cassidy, the production designer came up with the fist logo for the tournament, but that would make sense I suppose lol

-Ralph states that he also owns the "All-Valley, Under 18 Golden Trophy"...he took it home after filming
[Karate Kid] [Karate Kid] [Karate Kid]
Posted by Steve (Member # 1933) on :
So then the headbands that those two prop dealers are selling could be really from the film. There were obviously more than 1 if Ralph has 2.

Also I thought that wasn't really Chad Mcqueen at the begining of KK2 and that it was just some guy in a wig with a hat on, thats probably why he soon turns away from the camera.
Posted by Y2J 420 (Member # 3856) on :
"Kamen claims that Ali was supposed to be dressed as Princess Leia in the Halloween dance scene...but with her feathered mask, and baby's breath in her hair...I find it hard to believe that."

I think Kamen meant it as, she was going to be dressed as Princess Leia, but she ended up being dressed differently...
Posted by Jules (Member # 2627) on :
That's cool. Thanks for all the info Claude.
Posted by Claude Willis (Member # 2489) on :
Hey, glad you guys liked the post....I basically agree with y2j about the princess leia sounded weird. Um, about the headbands, I don't know if more than one was used for the first KK because they consistently talk of having no extra money and how limited the wardrobe dept. was...The way Ralph says it, he has headbands that were used in the one from the first and probably another from a sequel....the ones for sale could indeed still be real, but prob not from the original KK as they claim....Pat Morita also says he only had one original, and gave it up to the props dept. for use in the film.....
Posted by Nick (Member # 404) on :
Great post Claude... [Smile]

-You took the words right out of my mouth! [Smile]
Posted by McFly (Member # 354) on :
That's like I said in another post, Ralph seems to care/know more about the film than the others did. Or possibly, being younger his memory is better.

I still think it's McQueen under the cap. Just think it looks a lot like him. But notice during the end in part 1 that he seems to disappear. We see Tommy and of course Bobby with all the cat calls. Even Larry Scott in the background. But no Chad.

Oh, God Kamen drove me nuts "Guys no no no listen listen listen right here right here, one of the great unappreciated lines, this is classic right here right here listen listen". Someone forgot their ego pill that morning.
Posted by Vidal (Member # 3208) on :
I have to say I HATED that commentary track. I knew within 5 minutes it would suck, because commentary tracks are never good with 4 people in the same room.

The should have had 2 seperate commentary tracks.

I only listen to the first 15 minutes. I just couldn't take everyone laughing and talking over each other.
Posted by McFly (Member # 354) on :
Vidal, exactly. Crowded commentaries (have you ever heard the Goonies? Uhhhhhgggg!!) are annoying. And what a shock, when Kamen leaves with about a half hour to go, it all of sudden got A LOT more tolerable with just three.
Posted by larusso (Member # 3999) on :
i think old age seems to be catching up with pat morita. this would explain his constant mentioning of how cute 'ralphie' is. but every time he tried to comment on the film, he would kind of ramble incoherently and john or ralph would have to cut in and continue with the commentary.
Posted by Vidal (Member # 3208) on :
Yeah thats funny I just bought The Goonies dvd.. Corey Feldman was the worst!! You can tell by the end the whole cast wanted to smash him in the face and say "SHUT UP!! ENOUGH DUDE, every second with a word. SHUT UP"




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