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Posted by kickboxer (Member # 1998) on :
on karate kid 1 dvd, go to scene selection. the highlight the scene on the top right hand corner, then press up arrow on you dvd remote. it should highlight the fly. press enter. it playws a survivor muic video. please reply if anyone finds any other dvd easter eggs!
Posted by McFly (Member # 354) on :
Nope, can't get it to work. Sounds like a great myth, though [Smile] .
Posted by kickboxer (Member # 1998) on :
ya did it wrong then man
Posted by kickboxer (Member # 1998) on :
on karate kid 1 disc, go to scene selection, go on welcom to paradise, then press up on yer dvd remote, and these blue chopsticks will apeear on the fly. then press enter.
Posted by McFly (Member # 354) on :
God dang I got it to work man!

Cool video. The singer's portion looks like it was filmed yesterday, but the clips from the movie look like a battered VHS on EP heh heh.

Cool find.
Posted by kickboxer (Member # 1998) on :
haha sweet man. i couldnt find anthing else though
Posted by Vidal (Member # 3208) on :
wow I'll be right back and check that out [Wink]

Thanks for the info!
Posted by Vidal (Member # 3208) on :
I couldn't get that one to work yet..

BUT I FOUND ONE by mistake [Smile]


Go To the Featurettes Section

Then.. Go down to the "Beyond the Form".. Then.. CLICK to the LEFT

Ralph's Headband will turn blue, click enter!!!

* You will see Pat Johnson doing a whole Karate Scene.

Posted by Vidal (Member # 3208) on :
By the way when you "Click LEFT" you have to click it twice to the left until Ralph's Head Band turns Blue

2 Clicks Left [Wink]
Posted by CT (Member # 2903) on :
Thanks KickBoxer for the C O O L info.
Posted by kickboxer (Member # 1998) on :
welcome, i found it by dumb luck lol.!
Posted by kickboxer (Member # 1998) on :
yea i checked it out vidal. too bad it wasnt rehearsal from the film though.
Posted by SHEGOTGAME (Member # 476) on :
WOW!! Thanks for the EXCELLENT info guys!!! Both of those were awesome!!
Posted by Vidal (Member # 3208) on :
I wish they put the "Glory of Love" video on KK2

Or is it? Has anyone found anymore Easter Eggs? [Smile]
Posted by joker (Member # 3840) on :
about the easter eggs on the dvd box set if thair is any more on the box set that no knows about thair is a web site for every dvd ever made that tells you about the easter eggs are on the pitucler dvd you want to know about but i for get where this web site is located i though i wood mention it in case some was intrested
Posted by B_Ren (Member # 3869) on :
This sounds good. I'll have to try it out.
Posted by Steve (Member # 1933) on :
This web site here has some info on DVD easter eggs but doesn't have anything on The Karate Kid.

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