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Posted by McFly (Member # 354) on :
Since there's only one special edition of the three (to some, four) movies, it's *pretty* good for a box set release.

Commentary......Kinda disappointed in this. Everybody's joking around so much and talking over each other that it wasn't that great. But Ralph came off REALLY great, he actually seemed to know more about the technical aspect than Avildsen! He still really cares about the film, has collectibles from the set, and remembers a lot about locations and rehearsals.

Pat has that slurred laugh, and conflicting information to everyone else. And if I have to hear him say how "cute" Ralphie is one more time, puke.

Kamen and Avildsen were smart, who once in awhile would shut up and say how great a scene was. These four guys really loved this film.

The interviews were really well done. Ralph, Pat, Avildsen, Kamen, Kove, Zabka, Pat Johnson and Conti. Plus some GREAT behind the scenes footage interspersed with the interviews. Home video and 16mm shots of the beach fight rehearsal and Kreese's screentest. Some good stills of Pat and Ralph laughing during the dojo scene.

The widescreen transfer is great. Vivid and crisp, like it was filmed today. Though often times they got commentary wrong. Like the apartment building is NOT torn down. It still stands today in Reseda.

Disappointed in the cheap cases, slimline junk. But if you have a three dvd regular case lying around....

And NO sequel stuff! Sure, I didn't expect a commentary, but they don't even talk about it in the interviews! The interviews say Part 1 and Part 2...this is because they broke the KK 1 interviews into two parts??? Who knows why.

Hopefully someday we'll get commentaries, but not likely of course. Dying to know how they'd all four talk about KK3.
Posted by Vidal (Member # 3208) on :
wow nice report! very detailed [Smile]

Hey how long would you say all the extras are???
Posted by Steve (Member # 1933) on :
It sounds good I'm gald they have some of the old cast on there this would be the main extra I would want to see. I wonder if Ralph owns the Karate Gi he wore in the movie.
Posted by Cobra kai82 (Member # 2307) on :
It was a pretty good commentary. I also can't believe how many times Morita talked about "Ralphie" being cute, and Kamen ragging on Daniel's mom clothes. For some reason, Kamen left towards the end, I don't remember why.

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Posted by thischoolsucks (Member # 1178) on :
I thought it was pretty funny how Kamen said that a little while after the movie was out, he was getting off a plane and his limo greeter was the girl who played Ali's friend, hahaha. He remarked that "her acting came in handy" when she acted like she didn't know him. Pretty cruel, but funny stuff. Also, anyone who claimed that Shue and Ralph didn't get along, Ralph argued otherwise and said they hit it off right away and got along great. I thought the commentary was excellent, but again I thought the set was a bit rushed by Columbia. They really could've made it like the "Back to the Future" boxset, which is amazing. Anyway, tell me what you guys think.
Posted by McFly (Member # 354) on :
I know I've mentioned a few times that Shue trashed Ralph on Conan O' Brien years ago. I guess it was one-sided, cuz he seemed to like her (along with the drooling Avildsen and Kamen, haha).

The limo story was pretty sad, yep. The tight-*** brunette friend of Ali's with the buck-teeth. According to IMBD this was her only credit.

They really seemed to like Freddy Fernandez, they all knew his name and kept pounding it into the ground.

Though I did forget to mention the KK II featurette from 1986 is on there, but it's only six minutes long and mostly features Jerry Weintraub.
Posted by thischoolsucks (Member # 1178) on :
Do you remember any of the specifics of what Shue said on Late Night? I'd be interested to hear.
Posted by McFly (Member # 354) on :
She wasn't particular about it, but rolled her eyes when Macchio's name was mentioned. This of course revved up Conan's curiosity but she dropped it and said she just didn't really like him.
Posted by nomercysir (Member # 3471) on :
**** her, she's obviously irrational. I mean, she totals his car and falls in love with a football player all in one night. These aren't the actions of a sane woman.

He should have given her a crane kick to the throat.

Originally posted by McFly:
She wasn't particular about it, but rolled her eyes when Macchio's name was mentioned. This of course revved up Conan's curiosity but she dropped it and said she just didn't really like him.

Posted by SHEGOTGAME (Member # 476) on :
Hey everyone...I just bought the Karate Kid box set today, and I haven't opened it yet. I can't wait to watch it!...but I was just wondering...does anyone think that they are going to come out with a new box set in the future with more features??? Because i was surprised at how cheap the box set was...I know only one of the movies really made it, but you think they'll come out with more additions(features) to the movies or is it finished?
Posted by McFly (Member # 354) on :
Like they always say, $$ talks. If this sells enough and fans get on their case enough like with KK 1, they may throw in some more in a future release. There's obviously footage lying around (you get see a ton of rehearsal footage on the DVD), and rounding everyone up for a KK II and III commentary shouldn't be difficult, they all seemed to enjoy it.

But what the hell's the deal with the KK III trailer? Neither dvd release had it.
Posted by patrick swayze is hot (Member # 3799) on :
omg if u hate patrick swayze u are a stupid dip ****
Posted by patrick swayze is hot (Member # 3799) on :
do any of u hear like patrick swayze at all i think he is so hot
Posted by thischoolsucks (Member # 1178) on :
you took a wrong turn buddy. this is not the dirty dancing thread.
Posted by Silverado (Member # 1388) on :
ha Patrick Swayse uses martial arts in his movies,he made keanu reeves fall with a sort of crane kick to his chest,in the fight in bells beach australia.
Posted by CobraGuy (Member # 3787) on :
Has anyone noticed that the DVD, at least the first one, is not a true widescreen presentation. I compared a number of shots from the VHS with the DVD. In each instance, the picture was exactly the same from left to right, meaning the aspect ration was no wider. However, from top to bottom, the DVD is cropped in comparison to the VHS version. The upper and lower portions of the picture, which are visible on VHS, are missing on the DVD version. Which means that this is not a true 1.85 to one presentation. They took the 4:3 frame, and simply matted it, to create the look of a wider aspect ratio.

That disappoints me, unless the original negative was never in widescreen to begin with, which would surprise me.
Posted by McFly (Member # 354) on :
Hmm, I still don't know much about aspect ratios---I should though with all the dvd buying I'm doing.

But I think it was at this site that said thanks to the original dvd they put out, they were able to see the street name of Daniel's school. Therefore, put up directions on how to get there on this site. Or maybe the dvd clarity was just better so it could be read.

I wonda......
Posted by Matt Buchholz (Member # 3801) on :
The original negative wasn't widescreen. This has been discussed. (Not meant to sound pi$$y). The movie was soft-matted in theaters. What we're seeing on the new DVD(s) is what was intended.
Posted by Matt Buchholz (Member # 3801) on :
DVD image for the first film seems VERY red. But that might be my d*mn TV acting up.

Still, just got done watching the first two featurettes. Nice. Feels good.
Posted by CobraGuy (Member # 3787) on :
I also can't believe this came from a high-def master. Not that they would lie about it, but the picture quality is pretty bad. I've watched the first one on three different tvs. It looks the best on standard CRTs. I have a 36" in my bedroom, and it looks best on that one. I've also watched it on a 42" high-def plasma, and a 32" high-def LCD...and it wasn't pretty. TONS of artifacting, aliasing, and just plain noise in the image, especially during the tournament, and any darker scenes. It just jumps right out at you. In the scenes with Miyagi and Daniel at the Cobra Kai dojo, you can see the artifacts actually "dancing" around on the white wall behind them. Just really disappointing from a technical standpoint all the way around, and certainly not the quality I'd expect from a collector's boxed set. It's too bad. They could have at least put some time in on the first one.

The picture is also a little too contrasty...despite my best adjustments to all sets, there is just too much of it many scenes.
Posted by Vidal (Member # 3208) on :
I LOVE IT!! Finally I got to see KK in widescreen [Smile] ALL the extras were great! I haven't listen the commentary track yet, I am watching all the films first.

A Few Things I thought were not great:

KK1: The Picture Quality seemed grainy and bad. I think they could have cleaned it up a little.

KK3: WOW was that picture dark! You can barely see some of the scenes. (KK3 sucks! There is a huge drop off from Part 2 - Part 3)
Posted by Jules (Member # 2627) on :
McFly that review was awesome. I'm going to have to check that out.

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