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Posted by Karate_Gurl13 (Member # 2531) on :
i dont really kno wat mine is cause i really like them all, and ive had this huge crush on ralph macchio for a while now,i meen back wen he was like in his 20's-30's.i think hes a great actor and i luv the kk movies
Posted by Claude Willis (Member # 2489) on :
I have to say my fave is KK2, but the best "technically", and critically is the original KK, in my opinion. [Big Grin] [Karate Kid] [Karate Kid]
Posted by Jules (Member # 2627) on :
I definitely like the first one the best. The other ones are also good, but I would have to pick the first one.
Posted by SHEGOTGAME (Member # 476) on :
KK 1 is classic and can't be beaten! [Smile]
Posted by Chris-H- (Member # 1957) on :
Agree with SHEGOTGAME 1st one could never be beaten such a true classic.
Posted by clinty (Member # 2946) on :
hi there just found this site. i started karate around the same time kk1 came so it brings back great times. kk1 is the best. [Karate Kid]
Posted by star76 (Member # 2955) on :
Obviously all of the Karate Kid movies are awesome, but my all time favorite one is Part 2. I think it's P2 where Daneil and Mr. Myagi go to Okanawa. Anyhow, that's my fave!!! Thanx!!!
Posted by Ali (Member # 2408) on :
Part one is a classic but part two is my favorite. I loved seeing a glimpse of Mr. Miyagi's past like that. Plus, Daniel was alot hotter in part two.
Posted by youknowmanyourereallysick (Member # 3003) on :
My favorite KK movie is Karate Kid 4. You know, the one with the chick. Psyche! That movie sucks. The original KK will always be the best.

Posted by CobraJohnny (Member # 3071) on :
My favorite has to be the original. I watched these movies when I was a little girl, and just watched TKK on AMC the other night. I hadn't watched the movies in YEARS, and it just reminded me how much I loved them. Such classics! [Karate Kid]
Posted by MJGod (Member # 3133) on :
Tough question even with the limited choices! In terms of overall presentation nothing beats the first one. But if I could, I would watch Part 2 over and over again....kumiko...kumiko...kumiko

Plus Glory of Love reminds me of a certain someone in my life...but let's not get into that.
Posted by Vidal (Member # 3208) on :
My order:

1) KK part 1
2) KK part 2
3) KK part 3

* I really think Karate Kid part 1 is my favorite movie [Cool]
Posted by SunnyRay (Member # 4310) on :
I'm new here and I wanna say that the first two Karate Kid movies were awesome, the first one was the best but Karate Kid Part II was the movie that captured my heart--so it's my most favorite of all the KK movies. Totally loved Kumiko and Daniel's relationship, loved how they showed us a different culture and how Daniel reacts to this foreign setting. I liked knowing more about Mr. Miyagi's past life too.
Posted by Silverado (Member # 1388) on :
Pair numbers for KK movies suck

1 Masterpiece
2 :-I
3 c00L
4 :-(
Posted by Miyagi-Turbo (Member # 4340) on :
The best one was without a doubt Karate Kid I, however my personal favorite was KK II. KK II was also the one I saw at the movies so maybe that is why I like it more.

KK III had some good parts, but partly became a joke with Terry and his laughing and saying things like "PERFECT" all the time.
Posted by Shannon Bax (Member # 4079) on :
My favorite KK movies are KK1, KK2, and KK#. I would have to say I love them all. The first one is the best though.
Posted by joker (Member # 3840) on :
part 1 the reast of them should have never bin made the only good thing to come out of part 2 is the tourment scean others the movis is thumbs down the last one being the worst what does baby sitting and nerf football have to do with karate
Posted by Shannon D Bax (Member # 10079) on :
My favorite kk movie is part 2, 3, and 4.
Posted by TerdNthePoolGGB (Member # 9818) on :
KK is an 80s favorite of mine. i willwatch the others but they just do not compare to the first one.
Posted by Bernie_Lomax (Member # 8571) on :
Hey you remember in the movie when they go to that fun park or whatever it is and you see a sort of arcade game similar to fussball but it is ice hockey with a clear dome over the top. The two teams are U.S.A. and Russia.....I want that game so bad....I used to play it a bit...
Posted by TerdNthePoolGGB (Member # 9818) on :
That was GOLF N' STUF Bernie. I remember that game but didn't know it was USA vs Russia but it makes perfect sense.
Posted by Bernie_Lomax (Member # 8571) on :
Yeah, I thought it was called that. Yeah, it was definitely those teams. They had it at a place called Magic Mountain (probably pathetic compared to Six Flags in America) here in South Australia.

That game is so good man. If you ever get a chance to play it, I highly recommend it.
Posted by Jakey V (Member # 37348) on :
The first one is my favorite. They had to make sequels because the first one was so good, so you can't blame them for that. But it seems like it's the same thing - he gets beat up over and over and then wins an important fight at the end.
Posted by Fightertown (Member # 7418) on :
Original KK is the gold standard.
Posted by Chloe (Member # 37365) on :
My favorite is definitely the first one!
However, the second one was awesome as well.
Part three was okay.
Posted by Shannon D Bax (Member # 10079) on :
I really love them all too but I really do have to say that my most favorite kk movie is kkII.
Posted by kenkobra (Member # 892) on :
I liked them in this order:
KK 1
KK 3
KK 2
New KK
Posted by johnny the cream puff (Member # 13275) on :
I would agree with that. I loved the locations of 1&3 it just worked better. The cobras really helped keep the story exciting. 👊🏻😎
Posted by TerdNthePoolGGB (Member # 9818) on :
Me three kenkobra and johnny. Good point johnny regarding the Cobra Kai. They definitely had a big hand in the success of KK. The villians in the others just didn't stack up to johnny and his comrades. Also KK had the best 80's feel to it. KK2 in Okinawa had no 80's feel to it and KK3 just didn't have it either. I don't remember much about the Next KK.
Posted by johnny the cream puff (Member # 13275) on :
As I refuse to acknowledge the existence of TNKK, can anyone who has suffered it tell me if Mr. Miyagi mentions Daniel San and what happened to him?
Please don't ask me to watch it!!!!
Posted by Richard Lupton (Member # 37479) on :
I loved the scene from karate kid where the girl was balancing on one foot & the snake was imitating her.

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