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Posted by Karta Kid III (Member # 1587) on :
In a Karate battle to death between Chozen and Mike, who doy uot hink would win and why?

I would say Mike! He is too strong for Chozen quick and tricky yet weak attacks. Though Mike is a little too arrogant.
Posted by xJohnnyx (Member # 1246) on :
Hands down it's Barnes. Chozen had some good stuff, but Mike would just rip through him like a buzzsaw. He's arrogant, but he's got the karate to back it up.

Posted by Kevin S. (Member # 1555) on :
You guys can't be serious?

Chozen would mop the floor with Mike Barnes for insulting his honor. Chozen was probably older too, I don't think he was a teenager. He looked to be in his 20's.

I don't understand why Chozen is always the forgotten villian/bad boy of the Karate Kid franchise. OK so he's not a blonde White boy like Johnny and Mike. And OK he's not a Cobra Kai. But so what?

Chozen had far better form and technique then Mike Barnes or Johnny Lawerence ever had.
Posted by Silverado (Member # 1388) on :
With points or no points I think Chozen would be more than a headache to Barnes,However at the end Mike would be the winner using some Trick he learned from $ilver
Posted by karatefan8500 (Member # 1495) on :
It's kind of clear from the movies that in a real life fight, chozen would be able to take mike barnes and johnny at the same time.
barnes was really a nobody, and he would never achieve anything in the martial arts world or in a street brawl, frankly because he's not good enough.

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