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Posted by Knock Out Boy (Member # 307) on :
So who here trains in martial arts? [Karate Kid]

I would assume most people here are interested in martial arts whatever style it may be. [Wink]

Wrestling & Boxing are fine too. They aren't considered "martial arts", but they are combat arts and really good ones too!!
Posted by Ali_with_an_i (Member # 27) on :
I have been studying Muay Thai kickboxing for several years now. As I said in an old post, you can watch K-1 tournaments on t.v. and many fighters use this style. It's very brutal, and you use every part of your body when fighting. It's also the best workout I'v ever had!
Posted by Knock Out Boy (Member # 307) on :
awesome! i've been in three muay thai competitions, i dont train specificly in muay thai, but its a great sport, i train for Vale Tudo/NHB, so i do stand up and grappling competitions on the side to make sure i stay sharp
Posted by Knock Out Boy (Member # 307) on :
ali_with_an_i...did u watch the recent K-1 grand prix?

have you seen Bob Sapp fight?..the guy is a monster, 370 lbs ripped..thats insane! he knocked out hoost twice and he's only been training for a couple years [Eek!]
Posted by Ali_with_an_i (Member # 27) on :
I didn't get to see that one. My family usually tapes k-1 tournaments that I miss. Hopefully they got that one. My original trainer started when he was 18, we went on to win some minor tournaments. His sons have each won matches in the K-1 chaimpionships. I don't know if you have ever heard of them before, they go by the names 'Duke' and 'Jet' Roufus. I belive it was Jet who came thisclose to winning the K-1 championship in 2000, or 2001. Anyway, I love watching Martial Arts periode. Muay Thai is my favorite because I understand it the best. As you know alot of fighting styles may look the same, but they can be very different. [Smile]
Posted by Knock Out Boy (Member # 307) on :
yeah, i know who you're talking about, i think one was on the K-1 greatest knockouts tape i have.

you can easily spot of a tradisional thai boxer a mile away just by their stance..the thai boxers at my gym work on there round kicks endlessly perfecting them.

ali_with_an_i, do you train with thai music also?..they do at my gym, they play the same tune over and over first i thought it was a lil' annoying, but after hearing it day after day, i hardly notice it [Wink]
Posted by shinposensei (Member # 1274) on :
I have been taking karate lessons for about half a year now. The art I study is called Tang Soo Do, the Korean style of martial arts. My karate school and instructor are members of the World Tang Soo Do Association, Jae C. Shin, 8th Dan, is the Grandmaster and president. You may also be familiar with his teacher, Hwang Kee, the founder of Tang Soo Do, who passed away recently.
Posted by Knock Out Boy (Member # 307) on :
thats cool shinposensei, im not familiar with tang soo do, the only tradision karate style i've trained was wadu ryu years ago when i was a child.
Posted by Ali_with_an_i (Member # 27) on :
Sometimes we train with music, most of the time I just hear my instructors screaming at us. They're perfectionists! We also work on our kicks NON STOP! It's tedious work. Sometimes I stand there for 15 minutes transitioning from my front kick to back kick to side kick then axe kick etc.....without letting my leg down. After awhile it feels so heavy and starts to ache really bad. But of course I have to press on because a big part of any Martial arts is discipline. Something you can never have too much of.
Posted by Knock Out Boy (Member # 307) on :
yeah, that drill is hard..i find it hurts the most in your hip, its great for flexability and balance.

its true with discipline in any martial art, you definitely have to commit yourself, it also depends alot on your personal goals, someone looking just for a workout or hobby wouldnt have the same drive as someone looking to be a professional fighter.

my sensei says everyone has a different goal in martial arts, but whatever goals you set, stick with them and stay focused [Smile]
Posted by celticbabe (Member # 664) on :
I don't practice any form of martial arts- although I could probably use it [Razz]

I do enjoy watching it though.
Posted by Ali_with_an_i (Member # 27) on :
lol@celticbabe! Knock out boy you are exactly right about the kicking drill. I feel the strain in my hip the most also. It's funny how easy everything looks on TV. When practicing punching drills on a target, after about 3 minutes I start to get tired. We get a 30 second break an then go another 3 minutes repeating that cycle for 12 rounds. It's exhausting but after working so hard you feel really good. Like I said before, it's the best exercise I have ever had!
Posted by Shotokan Karateka (Member # 494) on :
Shotokan Karate rules!!!
Guys you know world karate federation accepts only 4 styles for karatedo.others are not official.That means Shotokan rules!!!
By the way anybody knows which karate style miyagi and daniel did in the movies?
Posted by Knock Out Boy (Member # 307) on :
I heard the style miyagi does is "goyo-ryu". They dont say in the movies, but they practice a kata from that style apparently in kk3.

Shotokan Karateka. I bet you're style is great. I also believe that every style has thier individual advantages for different aspects in martial arts. [Smile]
Posted by Jhutch (Member # 1352) on :
I started taking kickboxing about 2 months ago. It's really fun--I wouldn't work out if it wasn't. But I just went to a Judo competition. Now I'm kind of interested in taking that as well.
Posted by Knock Out Boy (Member # 307) on :
thats cool dhutch, judo and kickboxing are a sick combination! [Eek!]

im lucky my best friend is a BB in judo, he helps me alot with my stand-up throws for jiu-jitsu.. what's your fave takedown dhutch??.. i personally like uchimata the best and find it works well for my body type [Karate Kid]
Posted by Jhutch (Member # 1352) on :
oh i don't know anything about judo yet. i just thought it looked like fun, so i want to start taking it in about a month or so.

when i was a little kid i was under the impression that all karate schools would be like the Cobra Kai....i thought all instructors would be really mean. "Fear does not exist in this dojo!"
Posted by dragon_x93 (Member # 1369) on :
Hi, i thought id introduce meself within this. I've been studying Bruce Lee's JKD for 3 years now, which combines all the ranges of combat, Kicking range, punching range, trapping range and grappling. I originally started in Karate, from the age of 5-10yrs old, but found it too restricted and not very practical for self-defense. I've one won 1 super-league tournament similar to the 'All Valley championship' Daniel entered. I entered it on my own because JKD is self-defense based, and techniques for tournaments are completely different to JKD.
Posted by Knock Out Boy (Member # 307) on :
thats cool dragon_x93, all ranges are definitely important for self defence..

i train for mma, so that stresses you to train all areas, i went into karate tournaments as a kid when i did wado-ryu
but i dont anymore..i don't find them very realistic and have too many rules, i prefer boxing and muay thai for training my stand-up.
brazilian jiu-jitsu for the ground flow & submissions, and judo and wrestling for takedowns and ground control.

there's just so many things to learn, and for myself, those are my favourite arts to train for being "well rounded" [Karate Kid]

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Posted by John19 (Member # 272) on :
I very first started training in shotokan karate but our organisation moved over to focus on Okinawan goju-ryu. It's a very fluid sort of style with techniques tending to have a sort of flow to them. You can see examples of this in KK when they are practising the kata (seiyunchin, as i think i mentioned before). The name goju-ryu means (i think, don't quote me on this!) 'hard, soft' (no jokes please!). Many techniques are soft and subtle, whislt others are powerful and punishing.

A friend of mine recently trained in Canada in Shaolin kung-fu, so i've also been practising a bit og that with him.

p.s interesting post by the way!
Posted by Karate SWE (Member # 1370) on :
I've been training Karate for a while now and the style I'm training is Wado-ryu.
It's very technical and pretty "fast" too.

Anyone else here from Sweden by the way??

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