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Posted by xJohnnyx (Member # 1246) on :
Well? If you were a student, where would you go? Would you go to Miyagi or would you go to the Cobra Kai?

I'd strike first and strike hard. I'd go Cobra Kai.



Posted by dlo (Member # 726) on :
Cobra Kai all the way and don't know what it is but i think there great.

cobra kai...cobra kai...

Posted by SHEGOTGAME (Member # 476) on :
Even though Miyagi knows the true goodness of karate...I'd probably still go to the Cobra Kai just because it would be something I could do with my friends and it would seem to be more fun and cool.
Posted by Knock Out Boy (Member # 307) on :
Cobra Kai!!!
Posted by Ali_with_an_i (Member # 27) on :
LOL! I guess we haven't leaned anything from the Miyagi philosophy then have we! I too choose the path of Kreese and the Cobra Kai's myself! (does that mean I get to hang out with Bobby??)
Posted by celticbabe (Member # 664) on :
Although I appreciate Miyagi's wise heart, I would be a Cobra Kai girl if I had to make a choice. [Razz]
Posted by karate babe (Member # 879) on :
id learn from miyagi do karate *_*
Posted by becks (Member # 1306) on :
i'd go cobra kai for sure
plus i'll get to grips with bobby and the others then [Wink]

becks [Smile]
Posted by miyagi man of honour (Member # 1326) on :
Originally posted by Knock Out Boy:
Cobra Kai!!!

how can you dis miyagi like this he is a god of karate!
Posted by Knock Out Boy (Member # 307) on :
i didnt diss miyagi..but if i had a choice of those 2 going with cobra kai..just cause its more intence training,

you could go on and say cobra kai have bad morals, but over all they put out good results in combat [Karate Kid]
Posted by thischoolsucks (Member # 1178) on :
Miyagi ALL THE WAY....All you guys are villian-lovers. Miyagi is king
Posted by Knock Out Boy (Member # 307) on :
cobra kai...
Posted by Ali_with_an_i (Member # 27) on :
lol@villian-lovers! [Smile]
Posted by jjsacran (Member # 1314) on :
man id try to get the best of both worlds. Id be buds with myiagi, because hes awesome and wize. Then Id go to cobra class with my younger buds and have fun.
Posted by jjsacran (Member # 1314) on :
If i could get away with it.
Posted by thebestaround (Member # 1366) on :
gotta go w/ cobra kai. I would rather smoke out w. the kai and kick *** instead of sanding miyagi's floors and stuff
Posted by Silverado (Member # 1388) on :
I´d choose the 3 stages of the Quicksilver method
1)A man cant stand he can´t fight
2)A man cant breath he can´´t fight
3)A man cant see he cant fight
Posted by Kevin S. (Member # 1555) on :
The Cobra Kai's always lose in the end people. Most of the Cobra Kai guys didn't seem that good anyway. The only guys that seemed to know their stuff was Johnny and his friends. All those other Cobra Kai dudes like the fat kid and the Black kid were all rather flimsy with their techniques.

I'd definately go train with Mr. Miyagi. And if Miyagi was busying tending his Bonsai trees, (or refused to train me) then I would go to the school that Vidal went too.

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