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Posted by Sensai Lipari (Member # 486) on :
Look in the barkround of the scene in Owkinawa, in the betting club (Bad place), where Daneil must break all the ice to win a bet, look in the back, you can see a teen who looks EXZACTLY like johnny but with a haircut. He looks ALOT like him. Hes with a girl. Is this the character Johnny or just the actor playing a different extra cameo? Or is this that same acter at all?
Posted by dlo (Member # 726) on :
I carn't remember anyone looking like Johnny in that scene, will have to check that one out.

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Posted by dlo (Member # 726) on :
Anyone else notice anyone looking like Johnny in this scene i carn't. [Confused]
Posted by BonziTree (Member # 2476) on :
I noticed that too, he does look exactly like Johnny. I'm not sure if it's really the same actor. I can't imagine why they director would want him there. It makes no sense for the story.

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