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Posted by paul on :
Ok then ladies, we've seen who the best leading lady is but who is the sexiest guy in the kk trilogy??
Personally id say Mr. Miyagi!
What a hunk!!!!
Posted by karate babe (Member # 879) on :
its gota b daniel san *_*
Posted by Ali_with_an_i (Member # 27) on :
I thought that Bobby from the first KK was pretty cute. As much as I loved Daniel, he just never had that sexy factor to me. Besides, I like bad boys! :)
Posted by Geeahne (Member # 203) on :
sexiest guy??? i thinks it's Johnny on the KK1... Beside Daniel, He's the hunk!!!
I like him!!!

Posted by karate babe (Member # 879) on :
i think mike barns made a good bad boy. i never liked him at first cos he was so mean to daniel in kk3 but then i saw him in sunset beach thought how fit he was . *_*
Posted by JETTA00 (Member # 240) on :
Hey Daniel Son has got to be the best looking!! I love his voice too, it's so scruffy and that NY accent is so cute!!
Posted by SHEGOTGAME (Member # 476) on :
The hottest guy has definitely got to be Bobby! I thought he was soo good looking in KK1 and I loved his character!! He seemed like such a tough, but sweet guy...and he had a nice body too! Damn he was hott!
Posted by Ali_with_an_i (Member # 27) on :
I completely agree with Shegotgame!!!!! Bobby was HOT!! He had the best body and....... I sound like a teenybopper right now LOL! I'm going to stop before I make a fool out of myself. I thought I was over the movie star crush phase! :)
Posted by Gizmo (Member # 206) on :
Johnny!! he was a hottie im tellin ya he made my heart melt everytime i saw him!!
Posted by outsider_katt (Member # 1009) on :
I'd have to say Daniel-san... He reminds me of a 15 year-old!!! I'd hafta agree w/ JETTA00... His accent reminds me of my grandfatha'!
Posted by becks (Member # 1306) on :
well id have to say bobby most definetly my god hes hott!!! [Wink] plus i like dutch too hes so bad!!!
plus like ali_with_an_i i love bad boys !!

becks [Smile]
Posted by xJohnnyx (Member # 1246) on :
Without a doubt, hands down:

Sensei John Kreese
Posted by Knock Out Boy (Member # 307) on :
Hey, what about Snake?

If you're looking to be bad in L.A, Snake's the boy to be bad with.
Posted by Dutch1 (Member # 163) on :
Well, I would have to say that Dutch [Smile] KK1
KK2, Daniel-Son,
And KK3, Would have to be Mike Barnes [Smile] !
Posted by Ali_with_an_i (Member # 27) on :
Mike Barnes was the hot guy in 3, but Bobby will always be my favorite KK hottie. [Smile]
Posted by Silverado (Member # 1388) on :
How about Terry Silver,being the character of millionaire makes him more atractive,isn`t it ladies?
Posted by Ali_with_an_i (Member # 27) on :
Money is EVIL. [Mad]

But Terry was cute. [Wink]
Posted by Silverado (Member # 1388) on :
Money doesn`t make hapiness

It buys it already made
Posted by Knock Out Boy (Member # 307) on :
money might not buy happiness, but im happier when i have more go figuer [Confused]
Posted by Silverado (Member # 1388) on :
Without money, Miyagi couldn´t have opened his bonsai store dream,then he had to sell the truck to reopen it, trouble uses to happen when you got bad partners
Posted by celticbabe (Member # 664) on :
WoW- been a while since I've been here- I almost forgot how to reply, lol.

The best looking male in KK? JOHNNY JOHNNY JOHNNY-that blonde hair and bad boy aura is to die for.

In KK2- I can't think of any guys who were hot. Not really into Asians to be honest. Maybe the U.S. Army guys who were in Okinawa. [Razz]

KK3- I would have chose Terry Silver, Mike Barnes is pretty hot looking, but his attitude is crappy.
It's not "bad boy" to me, he's just an a$$hole [Smile]
Posted by karate babe (Member # 879) on :
Danile Le Russon wow what a guy *_*
perfect 10
Posted by karate babe (Member # 879) on :
ohh no i mean
these stupid Macs i hate them with a passion.!
Posted by karatefan8500 (Member # 1495) on :
For all of you who had liked Daniel, you only have to look at a pic of him right now, and see what you're not missing.

For the many girls who liked Bobby, that is kind of surprising because if you ever really look at him you won't think he's hot. What's most appealing about him is the personality that he plays as Bobby, and I think this is why he is one of the favorites. The fact that he was a black belt at the time of the movie also contributes to it, and the fact that when he fought it wasn't really acting. It would be interesting to see how he looks today, and I am pretty sure that he does not have the cute baby face.

It would also be interesting to see pictures of the rest of the cast of KK1, besides for Miyagi since he's barely changed.
Posted by Karate Kevin (Member # 291) on :
My girlfriend thinks Johnny was incredibly hot. She says she would love to see me and Johnny fighting over her.
Posted by Ali_with_an_i (Member # 27) on :
Well call me a woman with bad taste then cuz I thought Boby was hot. He did have a cute babyface, and his body was in great shape. I'm curious to see what he looks like today. I know that he is a karate instructor and he is an olympic skier, so he must still be quite fit. He's prolly in his late 30s maybe early 40s, so with all the exercise and swimming he still does maybe he didn't age too bad. At least that's what I'd like to believe.
Posted by karatefan8500 (Member # 1495) on :
Hey ali, I didn't mean it in that way. I think it's really normal for many viewers to be attracted to Bobby. It's just that Bobby seems to be more cute and attractive than actually hot. Perhaps it was his hair, it was cool.

I think that it would be extremely interesting to find out how he looks like today. Perhaps somebody could e-mail him and ask him how he looks like, and what's up with the thing about his last name in the movie. Since he has become some sort of Judo chamption after the movie, perhaps there is a picture of him somewhere in that world. I really wonder if his role in the movie had anything to do with winning Judo championships. After all, it would be intimidating for any person to go into fight against a movie martial artist.

Finally, I'd also like to comment about something else. Many here have said that Bobby had a good body. However, when one looks at the soccer scene, with the kobra kai's without shirts, you could see that all of the Kobra Kai's have a sufficient amount of baby fat that was never burned off, and that certainly includes Bobby. Perhaps he was fit by the 80's definition of "fit," but in the 90's, he is by no means fit, especially among actors and martial arts professionals.
Posted by SHEGOTGAME (Member # 476) on :
First of all I got to say that I'm a huge Bobby fan like most of the girls in this forum...but anyways...I agree with you Karatefan, that most of the guys in the movie did not have very ripped bodies..except for Johnny...I think he was the only guy that had a very muscular body. Even though Bobby's body wasn't very noticably muscular, he still had a nice body...I honestly prefer a guy with a decent body than a guy with huge muscles. I also think Bobby had the best body of them all because he actually had a little of that "baby fat" to him. I'd prefer a guy with more of that than a real puny guy like most of the other guys in the other words, Bobby could rock my world anytime!..haha, j/k, well... [Big Grin]
Posted by xJohnnyx (Member # 1246) on :
All this talk about girls wanting Bobby because he was a real black belt. Well what about ref. Pat E. Johnson. He teamed up with Chuck Norris. Where are all his ladies?

Posted by karatefan8500 (Member # 1495) on :
johny, Johnson wasn't exactly too good looking, except for in a nursing home.

shegotgame, even Johnny wasn't ripped by what I believe is the 90's definition of it. You could see the fat in the soccer tryouts. It's clear that nobody in the movie ever expected to make money from their bodies.

daniel was just puny, and that's a good reason that he was a ballerina in real life.

I'd really like to see how Ron Thomas looks like right now. Hasn't anybody found a picture somewhere? And does anybody know exactly how old he was when taping the movie.
Posted by SHEGOTGAME (Member # 476) on :
Karatefan...I'm going to have to disagree with you about Johnny...I didn't see any fat on him at all...I thought his muscles were more defined but he was still on the puny side.
Posted by Sweep the Leg (Member # 1525) on :
If I am not mistaking, Pat Johnson also played in th movie "Enter the Dragon" with the late great Bruce Lee. He was the guy that said"its the dough roper, or we gotta break something" I have not checked the credits, but it appears to be the same guy. He was'nt too good looking then either [Razz] I agree that none of the guys were too cut in the movie, but they were playing the roles of teenagers. However Billy Zabka played in "Shootfighter", and he was plenty cut in that flick. [Big Grin]
Posted by Bobby_Johnny_Lover (Member # 1573) on :

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