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Posted by DJPassion (Member # 124) on :
I've been a fan of the KK movies ever since I saw the first one in 1983 (God did I want to move to LA!) and have been searching the net for a web site on the film. Your site is amazing! HBO just ran the film and while I was watching I read the locations section of the site. Great work gentlemen!

The next time I'm in LA I'm going to take a trip to the Valley and check this out and will report back if the locations still exist.

Gosh...after watching the movie again (think it's like the 50th time), got my crush again on Elisabeth Shue. Damn she grew up not far from me in South Orange, NJ (which isn't what it used to be).

Anyways thanks again gents for a fantasic site!

Posted by karate babe (Member # 879) on :
yehhhhhh thanks for a fantastic site guys...this site is awsome and im sure karate kid himself thinks so too.
keep it gowin -uv done a great job keeping this site updated and making it sooooooooo wonderful
Posted by Plain Heart (Member # 434) on :
I agree about your Post.
I would like to look for the locations myself (with somefriends) to, when you go? And If it's ok, maybe I/ we can come with you? ..I never come there you see: ..<-- do you have MSN? add or E- mail me about it ok?
Posted by ih8kevs (Member # 824) on :
the site rules.
i have loved the kk films since i was like 4 and i even started doing karate cus' my name was Daniel.

can someone tell me if ralph(daniel) is dead because i heard he was but not really sure


Posted by karate babe (Member # 879) on :
nooooooooooooo he is defo not dead!!!!
he rockssssss
Posted by Slater (Member # 502) on :
Macchio is definetly alive and well, its just his career thats died a death.

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