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Posted by Sato (Member # 481) on :
i'm not gonna lie, i own the karate kid videos and i view them on a regular basis. the karate kid trilogy ( and i say trilogy because i don't regard KK4 as being involved)is awesome and are by far my favourite movies! Although i've seen the final scene in KK1 over 100 times, it still gives me a shiver everytime i watch it. Which scene of the 3 movies really sticks out in your minds? which scene do you have a special spot for and love seeing it everytime you view it?
Posted by strav on :
The part where Elisabeth Shue is walking towards the sea and you see her fantastic bottom wiggle.

Posted by Venice (Member # 555) on :
Gross, that last one. I have several parts that are special to where Daniel saves the little kid from the storm, another when Daniel gulps when he asks Kumiko a "personal" question, another is when his mom hugs him after the first karate match, another is right after he wins, he doesn't gloat or even smile, but his face crumples up in pain. Another is when the bonsai root is broken in KK3 & poor Daniel's devastated & blaming himself & Mr. Miyagi comforts him. That last scene is so touching when Dan comes in, clutching the root & tears fill his eyes when he sees Mr. Miyagi.
Posted by strav on :
I dont think its 'gross' at all. I think you have a warped perception about how movies function and are constructed.

That's a crucial scene in the film, the point where she winks at Daniel and lets him know she likes him is a foreshadowing of the impending doom that is to come for Daniel.


Posted by karate babe (Member # 879) on :
i luv the whole film there isnt a scene which i do not like but i do feel bad when johnny hurts him on the beach and his "friends" leave him... i just feel like shoutin...i luv u daniel...*_* and when they tear his bonsai in part three that is really heart breakin.
Posted by loaded (Member # 924) on :
yeah so true, i always get shivers when he hits the crane at the end

the karate kid has one of the best and meaningfull endings ever

they dont make movies like that anymore

Posted by latinbro (Member # 910) on :
Definitely the ending of the first film gives me a feeling of excitement. I was one of the young teens cheering in the theaters when it first came out. I could watch the first film a million times and never tire of it.
Posted by Venice (Member # 555) on :
Yesss, the one where Mike breaks the bonsai is another memorable scene. You could practically see Daniel's heart breaking along with the bonsai, poor thing. The scene after is a really touching one where Daniel goes back to the bonsai shop, clutching the broken bonsai & he's near tears & when he see Mr. Miyagi busy working at the table, the tears come to his eyes & when Mr. Miyagi turns & sees him, Daniel starts to cry right there. It's so touching that Mr. Miyagi comforts him, even though poor Dan's blaming himself. Mr. Miyagi reminds me of a loving grandparent.
Posted by Venice (Member # 555) on :
Oh, and Strav...I think the part where Ali & Dan are showing how much they like each other is when they keep peering at each other across the beach & giggling. I still the first comment was gross; I'm glad that movie never showed the girls as sex objects; I liked how Daniel loved his girlfriends for who they were, not what they looked like. The doom part for Daniel is when Johnny shows up on his motorcycle & sees Daniel talking to Ali on the beach. I always think *Ohhhh, look out, Daniel.* He definately sticks out there, a vulnerable northeasterner among hard-hide desert westerners.
Posted by John19 (Member # 272) on :
when daniel is getting beaten on the halloween night and you see miyagi climbing the fence in the background.
Posted by Ali_with_an_i (Member # 27) on :
I get shivers every time I see the part in KK1 where Miyagi gets drunk and falls asleep(thats not the part) and Daniel trains alone on the beach during the sunset/sunrise. The music that plays in the backround is beautiful and for once we see Daniel taking in all of this as a man. Usually Miyagi would get angry with him during their training because Daniel joked to much and was always clowning around. :)
Posted by yazdanid (Member # 1223) on :
venice... how can Daniel love someone you have met for just a few weeks?..danny boy was in it for the action pure and simple..he's a teen for God sake he probably would have shagged anything with a pulse.
Posted by celticbabe (Member # 664) on :
Daniel was not interested in Ali for a mere piece of ass. If he wanted only to fool around he could have gotten it from any of the chicks in his "lower class" status group.
The fact that him and Ali went for eachother in spite of their social and financial differences says more than "screw me."
When Daniel and his mother were having dinner and she was asking him about the girl he "had his eye on" he described Ali as "beautiful" and "really smart" and guys who only want one thing are not going to think of a woman's mind like he did.

As for love, there is no time limitation for when it can be felt, some couples hit it off right away together- like Ali and Daniel did.

I can't say that they were in "love" because she apparently dumps him in kk2- but there is no way that boy was in it for pure carnal knowledge. (They share *one* kiss throughout the entire movie..and you don't see him begging her for sex.)
If he was in the market to get anything "with a pulse" he wouldn't have chose a hard to get richy rich girl with a jealous ex-boyfriend who kicks his ass whenever he sees him...not really worth all the beatings and humiliation for a good lay now is it?


Posted by Brown (Member # 89) on :
When Miyagi's father dies in KK2.
Particularly, when Daniel talks to Miyagi on the rocks. I think its a very important character defining moment for both Daniel and Miyagi. Up until this point, we have never seen Miyagi vulnerable at all. Its very sad.. the Music is very nice too.

The final fight in KK3
Man, I remember walking out of the cinema when i was 7/8 years old, and I was tryna copy that kata all the way home. I love it.. the music, Miyagi's speech.. "you stay focused.. you're best karate still inside... now time let out"


Posted by KarateKidCan (Member # 289) on :
I have many favorites, mostly in KKI, but I'm glad someone mentioned when Daniel was comforting Miyagi about his father dying and comparing it to his own experience. Just think, here is a 17 year old kid who lost his own father already comforting a man old enough to be his grandfather, who was losing his own 90 year old plus father. Very touching!
Posted by dlo (Member # 726) on :
It has to be the final scene especially when Daniel is about to do the krane his face expression says it all. I also like the bit were Kresse says to Bobby take him out you could see how gutted he was when he done it.
Posted by karate babe (Member # 879) on :
too many to say but one that always glows is when mr miyagi shows daniel what he has been teacihng him through the work daniel had been dowin "wax on wax off" "sanda floor"*_*
Posted by AndrewSan (Member # 36) on :
DEFINETELY, WITHOUT A DOUBT! the scene in KK 2 where Daniel is talking to Miyagi about his father, that scene gave me the shivvers for about 10 minutes, it is so amazing, and I was suprised when nobody mentioned that part in the favourite scene thread, definetely that scene :-> if i had to watch ONE scene in the trilogy it would have to be that, go watch it everyone, again and again and again.
Posted by Midnight (Member # 366) on :
LOL Andrew san. You do have good taste.:) I love that scene too, and whenever I watched that scene I used to rewind it and watch it at least two or three times. Does that make you feel better?


Posted by Knock Out Boy (Member # 307) on :
don't know why, but i always liked the scene when Daniel and Ali exchange names on the soccer field and Ali says to Daniel as she's walking away "see ya later" and Daniel has a lil smerk on his face and says "definitely" to himself

Posted by Midnight (Member # 366) on :
Hello knock out boy,

good grief!:) I like that part, too! I think each and every part in these movies have something about them that when you ask a question like "what is your favorite part," it's hard to give just one answer. The smallest scenes have some special unique quality to them.


Posted by flamepillar (Member # 770) on :
Wow, tough to name just one! Along with all the others mentioned here, I love the final shots of Mr. Miyagi at the very end of 1 and 2, when he's smiling and proud of his student, but still happy for his victory. It still brings me to the brink of tears every time. Not a lot of movies have that kind of power.

When Daniel is checking out the Cobra Kai dojo, and the students all bow, and Johnny is the only one facing the other way and he sees Daniel there, and he smiles at him. So many different ways that this smile could be interpreted. "Hey, I know you! And I know why you're here." "Ha ha, you can't join us!" "Aww, look at the little boy in the corner." And so on...

When Daniel is trying to bring the bell girl back to the shelter during the storm in KK2, and they fall to the ground, Mr. Miyagi is about to run out and help them when Sato comes up and says "Miyagi, let ME go!" And Sato runs out there and helps. Daniel accepts the help, but watch his face when he realizes who it really is out there. He's like "Wait a second, he's helping us???" Man do I ever get the shivers watching that! Sato is a great and complicated character. It's just too bad we never get to see him fight.

Then later, she is dancing with Daniel and he tells her "If it weren't for you I'd be making a lot of mistakes," and she replies "Not for you, I not be here." And they hug each other, it's sooo sweet :)

It's hilarious when Tom Cruise is chasing his eyeballs down the hallway (oops, wrong movie)

Okay, one more and I gotta go. Almost any scene in KK3 between Kreese and Terry Silver. Those two guys had GREAT chemistry. I like the way they bow at each other before taking on Mr. Miyagi. "Showtime!" Then Kreese lifts his right hand towards Silver as if to say "I want the first shot." Then Mr. Miyagi does that cool move where he lifts his leg up behind him and gets Kreese in the face, having already set up his other leg to trip him up just as he's recovering from the kick.

Posted by GETHIMABODYBAG (Member # 192) on :
If you look closely at that bit when miyagi takes kreece down... you can see his wallet fall to the floor.. then at the next shot it goes.. I am sad.

Ive already sed this but my fave bit is in that same scene, when silver and kreece are laughing at miyagi and daniel even though they got there arses kicked.

Posted by thischoolsucks (Member # 1178) on :
The part that gets me the hardest are the endings of both KK1 and KK2. The look on Miyagi's face after Daniel says "Hey Mr.Miyagi, we did it!" is just great, and on KK2 when Daniel asks Chozen if he wants to "live or die" is so classic I could watch it over and over again.
Posted by McFly (Member # 354) on :
Oh, yes, the final kick in part 1 for me. Even as a guy I still have to come clean and say I get a glint of a tear when they hoist Danny and he screams "We did it allright!". Plus the music is perfect. He had come so far through everthing.

And as bad as KK3 was, to see them finally hug, along with the music, even gets me.

Posted by karate babe (Member # 879) on :
yeh the music does really intensify it and is sooooo beautiful...its a real adrenalin rush..even now after all these years and even thow i kw wats gona hapen i still get excited and rooting for daniel *_*
Posted by Midnight (Member # 366) on :
Karate Babe and Mcfly,

I am so with you on this!:) The endings for all three movies I just love. They give you this nice feeling that lasts throughout the day!


Posted by 80s_girl (Member # 1235) on :
The parts that stick out in my mind are mostly from KK3. The part where Mike breaks the tree on Daniel is memorable. I feel Daniel's's so sad! Also the end fight definately sticks out in my Daniel breaks down in front of everyone and Mr. Miyagi has to talk him through it. "Mr. Miyagi I can't do it. It's over!" This line gets me. I felt so bad for Daniel. But then i love how he builds himself up again and wins the fight! Definately a great scene!
~80's Girl~

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Posted by xJohnnyx (Member # 1246) on :
I think the scene in the very end of the first one sticks out in my mind the most. Right after Daniel gets the trophy and the camera just shows Miyagi smiling with Daniel shouting "We did it!" Miyagi just has that smile that says "I'm proud of you" and "I've done a good job training him." That combined with the music playing is just the best scene in any of them for me.

Posted by becks (Member # 1306) on :
well i have a couple of faves

the scene in kk2 where daniel comforts mr.miyagi it makes me weep its so emotional. awww

the final fight in kk3
where you think hes gonna give up and mr miyagi tells him no to be afraid and he uses kata and wins and when daniel and mr miyagi hug at the end awww so good.

the scene where daniel getting his *** kicked by the cobra kai after the dance

you can see mr miyagi on the fence in the background. coming to rescue him from the big bullies.

becks [Smile]
Posted by shinposensei (Member # 1274) on :
I love the part in KK3 when Mr. Miyagi beats up Sensei Kreese, Terry Silver, and Mike Barnes. I get excited everytime I see that!
Posted by Sato (Member # 481) on :
hey guys! wow! i posted this topic so long ago and i hadn't checked it since today!! it was great to see so many responses! all of the scenes are magnificent choices, you guys have inspired me to watch the movie once more after work tonight!! and i just wanna add another favourite scene. when daniel is training with terry silver in the cobra dojo, and he smashes that wooden doll to pieces! you finally get to see some real aggression, and although my really special scenes are those that don't necessarily involve violence, this paarticular scene shows another side to daniel that we didn't think he had in him. gets me pumped up!
Posted by Karate Kid Number 1 (Member # 1395) on :
Posted by Karate Kid Number 1 (Member # 1395) on :



Posted by Bobby_Johnny_Lover (Member # 1573) on :
god! strav is only interested in the stupidest part, all uk men are only interested in one thing! sickening. who cares if her *** showed, so what...everyones got one

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