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Posted by Venice (Member # 555) on :
Got some more post-KK scenarios...the Kobra Kai is busting up after Daniel wins the second match. Terry, John Kreese, & Mike Barnes all blame each other. Terry is slick & BOLD & doesn't give Mike his share in the profits, justifying it by saying that since Mike lost the match, he doesn't owe him a cent. Terry also ditches Kreese & Kreese goes bankrupt & is forced to declare bankruptcy in court since he has huge debts that he can't pay off. He bitterly blames Terry Silver & Mike Barnes & trashes both of them in on trashy talk shows. Meanwhile, Terry, who's been scamming others for years, goes on to scam other business persons & resorts to all kinds of fraud. Kreese & a lot of other people suspect that Terry Silver is not even his real name. Maybe I might have something where a bitter Mike Barnes sues Kreese in court & they have a long protracted court battle that lasts for years until they find out that Terry's made off with all of Kreese's assets & by then Kreese has declared bankruptcy & is a short-order cook in a restaurant, maybe one of the ones that Lucille did data entry for. Kreese tries to hunt Daniel down, but discovers that he's moved back to Newark. Then he decided to hunt Terry Silver down & maybe discovers that Terry has been using a false last name. Maybe they wind up on Jerry Springer & get into a HUGE brawl right on national TV & Kreese beats up Terry pretty bad; Terry winds up with bruises & a split lip & is MAD & calls Kreese a no-brain leech. Terry wants to prove Terry is a scammer, but doesn't have proof or the money to persue a court case. He does manage to mar Terry's reputation somewhat, so Terry's business suffers some. Terry knows Kreese is working at one of the restaurants & sets out to make life hell for Kreese; he has his business buy out that restaurant & puts Kreese out of work. Terry hears that Lucille used to work with this restaurant & asks for info thinking she's still there, but is told that she's no longer working there. Terry then mutters that maybe he should have wrecked Lucille when he had the chance & is mad that he missed that chance. Maybe I might have Mike Barnes wind up in jail. Sooo, tell me what you think!
Posted by Venice (Member # 555) on :
Got a little more post-KK3 after the brawl between Terry Silver & John Kreese where Kreese had his grudge on Terry...

I'd thought I'd taught that creep Silver a lesson, but he is bold. That *&%^ is bold! He's in the process of defrauding another company into bankruptcy to make himself richer. As if he isn't spoiled, stinking rich already! If nothing else, I got satisfaction from bashing Terry Silver's smug face & splitting his lip open & watching it bleed, just like I should have done with that punk Daniel LaRusso a long time ago. Another stupid thing I realized as I headed out of the studio was that Danny-boy's mommy used to work with the restaurant I was a busboy at doing some kind of data entry, but she went back east. I should have wrecked her while I had the chance along with her punk of a son. My life was completely screwed & I'd had to file for bankruptcy last fall, thanks to that Silver &^$*$ & that punk LaRusso. Not to mention that idiot Mike Barnes who lost the match for us. I fumed as I drove down the street & was even madder as I realized that I still had to head to work at that crappy Chinese joint to work picking up & scraping up & washing slop off of dishes all night.

Posted by Venice (Member # 555) on :
Anyone read this?
Posted by karate babe (Member # 879) on :
i think this is great but i think the karate kid 1,2,3 should be left as there are as its some thing that can never be doen again unless something really clever was made but i would love to see ralph macchio in another karate kid as that would just be sooooooo cool. I love your scrips there sooooo funny and cool *_*
Posted by Venice (Member # 555) on :
Thanks; I'm glad you like them! Did you read the part on Lucille too?
Posted by karate babe (Member # 879) on :
yeh i did-
you must have a great imagination - like me *_* lol
If only they were still doing karate kid cartoons - you could send some of your scripts- that would be sooooooooooooooo coooooooooool.

Posted by johnny the cream puff (Member # 13275) on :
I came up with something completely different.
Daniel: took an apprenticeship in electrical installation and runs his own company.
Miyagi: died of natural causes. Leaves everything to Daniel as there is no family heir.
Johnny: runs his families business, a global traveller and decent man.
Kreese: a reformed character, runs a fitness school on the beach. He and johnny are friends.
Ali: ran away from her psycho boyfriend who is trying to track her down. She's back in the valley but living in fear. Both her parents were killed in a plane accident.
The plot revolves around this.
Lucille: living with Daniel and working for herself as an artist. She is desperate to be a grandma.
Terry silver: put away for fraud and corruption.

That's it so far!!

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