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Posted by Kash (Member # 297) on :
Saturday afternoon saviour in the post A-Team, post Street hawk days, the IM force were revived for an entertaining 80s style revamp that worked surprisingly well. A still sprightly Rupert Graves returned as Jim to direct more Cold War, cloak & dagger shenanigans. The series tried to be cool, glossy and modern, with slick cinematography and a good looking cast.

One of the big surprises was when agent Casey Randell (played by actress Terry Markham) was actually captured, killed and disavowed in a pre-credits assassination. Now this was completely random, for in those days no one really followed showbiz news or knew if an actor or actress were leaving a show. So when it happened we were like...she'll be back, give it until the end credits I'm sure it was just a ruse of some kind, but sure enough agent Randell had been terminated and the secretary did indeed deny all knowledge of her actions. Markham had been in the series from the very beginning and the way they just dispatched a major character like Casey was almost Hitchcockian in its calculated malice. V's Jane Badler replaced her.

Some of the episodes were really lame but others, like the above mentioned, were excellent, intense, entertaining and occasionally unpredictable.

Posted by aTomiK (Member # 6575) on :
I remember watching most of the episodes.
And in high school we shot our own Mission Impossible movie, fun times [Smile]
Posted by 80'sRocked (Member # 6979) on :
I gotta admit that I never watched one episode of Mission Impossible!
Posted by Nostalgic for the '80's (Member # 37454) on :
I did watch the 1988 - 1990 Mission: Impossible series when it was on, and it was a great show; at that time, I had seen a couple of episodes of the original 1966 - 1973 MI series as well.

In the 200X's, I saw all 7 seasons of the original MI series & also re-watched the 2 seasons of the '88 - '90 MI series - all on DVD. And, the original series was far superior to the re-done version; but, the re-done '80's version was solid.

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