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Posted by Pyro (Member # 7658) on :
Anybody who was any kind of fan of the 80's Sci-Fi Series "V" has their favorite episodes and characters. So, which were yours? Were you a member of the 'Resistance' supposively fighting for the fate of mankind, just to later realize that you were merely fighting to keep some speck of self-sanity in the end?
Or did you succumb to Diana's charms, devilish good looks, and sexy monotone voice to find yourselves yearning more and more to become a reptile just for a shot at her?


V (1983 Miniseries):

Oh Yay! Visitors!=)...Sure, most of them are extremely white, they talk funny, and they seem to have extremely delicate skin?..But, I'm sure they're very nice and will give us the tools needed to fix this insignificant planet...

V: The Final Battle (1984):

Ummm!?! Yayy!?!?..Visitors?!?!...You mean they come from a distant galaxy, but there's something weird about them??? NO WAY!?! But surely if Mike Donovon and Michael Ironside say they're evil...then they MUST be!! Even with Diana trying to pass with the guise of a Soccer Mom in this one, she still had those foolish humans eating out of the palm of her hand.

V (TV Series 1984-1985):

What? You mean that WASN'T "The Final Battle?"
Honestly, I'm not too familiar with this installment, as I must have just blocked all the traumatizing horrors of the preceeding battles and events out of my brain completely...Damn you and the lasting effects of your mind melting hallucinogenic chamber Diana!

V (TV Series...2009?)

Yeah...this remake was actually OK to me at first. But I suppose my nostalgic mind took over and I started to miss those awesome 80's red jumpsuits too much to keep focused.

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Posted by The Noms with no name... (Member # 2688) on :
As per my usual vein of not worshipping everything 80's over everything today I would have to say that the latest version of V rocks and is one of my favourite sci-fi shows of all time.

So there...

We are of Noms, always [Cool]
Posted by Devolution (Member # 1731) on :
Devolution here,

V is my favorite Sci-Fi series ever. It's the reason that I got hooked on Sci-Fi as a kid. I will say that the new V was excellent as a series, I did think that the old series (weekly) was also excellent. The old series didn't hold up because of rating and expenses. On the DVD, you hear them talk about how the laser shots at that point in time were $1000 dollars each to make.

The new Series would have done much better going the way of the original, with a Mini Series to anchor it.

As for Favorite Character, Ham Tyler (Ironside) might be my favorite character ever, he was tough, didn't care, had great jokes, didn't put up with anything, and blew things up. He's gotta be in my top three.

We are DEVO
Posted by Pyro (Member # 7658) on :
Originally posted by Devolution:
Devolution here,

As for Favorite Character, Ham Tyler (Ironside) might be my favorite character ever, he was tough, didn't care, had great jokes, didn't put up with anything, and blew things up. He's gotta be in my top three.

Might have to agree with you there Devo..Ironside was just plain Badd-*** in this...Hard to think of anyone to top him.
Posted by 80'sRocked (Member # 6979) on :
The original V series in the 80's was one of the best Sci-fi miniseries ever made! That includes both movies and the weekly series. I own all on dvd and watch them at least once every year (which reminds me - time to watch again!) This show is probably what got me so interested in UFOlogy and astronomy back when I was a kid. I tried to watch the new one when it first aired, but couldn't get into it. I guess I wanted it to be too much like the original which it didn't come close to for me.
Posted by aTomiK (Member # 6575) on :
I remember loving the original series and own all the dvd´s.
I´m gonna rewatch it soon.

I also own all 18 V comic books (1985-1986)

Posted by Pyro (Member # 7658) on :
I had a couple issues of the comic book too. I remember they were given to me with a bunch of old junk my parents got from some rumage sales somewhere. Sadly, I do not still have them. They were lost along with my collection of old Tales from the Crypt/Vault of Horror comic books a long time ago...*sigh. Fate can be so cruel sometimes.
Posted by aTomiK (Member # 6575) on :
Too bad Pyro, gotta love that old EC stuff.
Posted by 80'sRocked (Member # 6979) on :
Like I said a year ago, BEST sci-fi series ever!
Posted by aTomiK (Member # 6575) on :
Well, finally started watching V again last night.
Watched the original 3-hour movie and damn it is fantastic stuff!

Kenneth Johnson did a fantastic job creating, writing and directing this masterpiece.
The cast is perfect and you gotta love the old school special effects.
I also love the score, composed by Joseph Harnell although i remember that the Final Battle score
might be even better (sounds very much like Brad Fiedel´s The Terminator score, also 1984)

I remember that i had hots for Blair Tefkin already in the mid 80s and of course i love Jane Badler and Faye Grant too.

Lovely Blair Tefkin

Badler vs. Grant

The kamikaze reporters Marc Singer and Evan C. Kim rock and i also like Michael Wright´s (The Principal) character Elias Taylor very much.

You love to hate David Packer as "visitor friend" Daniel and Neva Patterson plays her eevil role as Eleanor Dupres very well.
Robert Englung brings the comedy element to the show with his character Willie.

Next: The Final Battle
Posted by aTomiK (Member # 6575) on :
Watched the over 4-hour Final Battle yesterday.
It´s very good stuff but one can only imagine how good it would´ve been
if Kenneth Johnson had stayed and supervised the writing process till it was finished.

The cast is basically the same, only minor differencies.
Awesome to see Michael Ironside and Mickey Jones join the rebel forces.
This pair was also on fire later in the classic Walter Hill actioner Extreme Prejudice (1987)

Fantastic to see legendary Mr. D1ck Miller in a small part! Didn´t remember the he was on this one [Smile]

I remember that Julie´s conversion scene was pretty heavy stuff to watch when i was a kid.
And Robin´s twins... so cool [Cool]

I understand why many people criticize the ending.
It´s not the way i would have ended the original saga but i can live with it.

Next: V the tv-series

Oh, here´s the Finnish VHS sheets for the original miniseries i happen to own:


Posted by aTomiK (Member # 6575) on :
Started watching the weekly tv-series and i´ve watched 9 episodes so far.

I still like it but it kind of feels like V lite although it cost one million dollars per episode to make.

The principal cast is still the same.
Jane Badler looks even hotter with her new haircut.
Blair Tefkin has a short haircut but i like Badler more now [Big Grin]

Awesome to see Sybil Danning in episode 6 and Mickey Jones came back in episode 9.
Fun to watch Christmas episode in the middle of the summer [Smile]

Watch out! Sybil "stunning" Danning is a lizard!
Posted by goresnet (Member # 6592) on :
Do you plan to watch the remake tv series? I own all 3 originals but not the latest modern one. Though I did watch it when it aired. I'll treat myself to a marathon sometime this year...
Posted by aTomiK (Member # 6575) on :
No, i´m not going to check out the remake.

I watched the last 10 episodes and while i enjoyed watching it until the very end,
it felt like the writers didn´t know what to do with the show.

Michael Wright was written out of the series after episode 11, Michael Ironside and Blair Tefkin one episode later.
The show looked cheaper and cheaper and they reused old scenes constantly.

Original 3-hour movie = classic.
The 4-hour Final Battle mini = great stuff.
The 19 episode tv series = far from great but enjoyable enough show for 80s tv fans.
Posted by Nostalgic for the '80's (Member # 37454) on :
I was a big V fan back in the '80's, though I only really liked the '83 & '84 mini-series.

However, the regular TV series ('84 - '85) was utter crap; IIRC, they had a lower budget, so they couldn't use the unusual "Echo-ey" voices that the visitors had. Plus, they also didn't have the budget for the lasers/laser battles, which made the show a lot less impressive than both mini-series.

I did like the V 200X re-make quite a bit, and was sorry it ended after a short two seasons - the show had a lot of potential - but, that's another thread.

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