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Posted by Leo Logan (Member # 9206) on :
Does anyone have a favorite podcast at the moment? I enjoy listening to ones about bad movies, as my favorite of them all is called "Yeah, It's That Bad".

It's where three guys from New Jersey delve into movies that are rotten on Rotten Tomatoes which range from 0-59%, reevaluate that score and think if that film deserves to be that low. They have covered films like Twilight, Batman & Robin, Waterworld and Showgirls among others. Their favorite actors the guys like to poke on include Dennis Quaid, Nicolas Cage and Emily Browning.

Here is the site: Yeah It's That Bad
Posted by P_a_u_l (Member # 1022) on :
My favourite is Fighting Talk, by the BBC. It's described as a 'sporting punditry' show, where various sports journalists, commentators and comedians get given a series of relatively bizarre but topical questions, and get points randomly for the accuracy of the answer and also for being controvertial and humorous.

Free on iTunes each week.
Posted by Crash (Member # 7484) on :
I'll have to check those out. I like Ricky Gervais's podcast. [Smile]
Posted by Stitch Groover (Member # 2895) on :
My favourite is from a show that was on radio here between 2006-2007, a radio show called Get This. It starred one of Australia's top comedians Tony Martin, a young guy Ed Kavalee from the original Thank God You're Here, and eventually the marvelous Mr Richard Marsland (aka Marslando Calrissian; the Windwept One; Mars Bar), who sadly committed suicide in 2008.

For lovers of obscure movie and tv references, it was a wonderland. They had whole sketches built around Howards Jones and Nik Kershaw, they refused to play Nickelback (despite being on the nations #1 rock station).

It's just so difficult to describe how loved this show was; there were broken hearts all over Australia when it got boned at the end of 2007.

Get This was so loved, in fact, that this very weekend there are commemorative BBQs in 5 capital cities to mark the date of the boning (the final episode aired on Nov 24 2007). I'm so excited about going, I'm wearing my cape (the show celebrated Capril, where you wear a cape for the month) and I might hang a paperclip from my earing (to celebrate Borg-ust - where you had to wear the crappiest Borg outfit imaginable)

Call in topics included - What would you steal from a zoo?; Who's your favourite sailor?; What's your worst impersonation?; and my favourite What accent is that?

Leo, I'm definately gonna check out the one you mentioned because I love bad movies. Right now I'm reading a column on the AVClub called "Commentary Tracks of the Damned) where they write about the commentaries on bad movies and who they try to blame!

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