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Posted by kevdugp73 (Member # 5978) on :
I remember a singing contest in the 80's where contestants would mimic artists and get scored in different categories (anyone remember the name of it). Anyway, I remember one guy doing a Lional Richie / Diana Ross impersonation, singing their duet. He was dressed half and half, meaning, split right down the middle. He would turn to one side to sing the female vocals (with long hair and a dress), then turn to the other side to sing the male vocals (short hair and a suit). I remember this being quite entertaining as a kid. Anybody?
Posted by Logan 5 (Member # 1467) on :
The UK version was called 'Stars in Their Eyes'.
Posted by kevdugp73 (Member # 5978) on :
Thanks Logan....tracked it was "Puttin On The Hits". The contestants actually lip sync, versus actually singing the song. Watched a few clips on was BAAADDDD! Remember liking it as a kid though....
Posted by 80'sRocked (Member # 6979) on :
I remember that show Kev! Cheesy as hell but I liked it too as a kid.
Posted by StevenHW (Member # 509) on :
"Puttin On The Hits" was the 80's predecessor to the karaoke craze that would happen in the 90's.

A bit of trivia: Kato Kaelin was a contestant on that show, long before he became well-known as a witness in the O.J. Simpson's murder trial.
Posted by StevenHW (Member # 509) on :

Posted by Bamersy (Member # 8808) on :
I used to watch that show too-Allen Fawcett reminded me of Christopher Atkins at the time. There was another similar show I liked, but I think they really sang and tried to look like the artists. It was the first time I heard Meatloaf's "Two Out of Three Ain't Bad."

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