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Posted by pettyfan (Member # 2260) on :
Last night the two middle schools in my county played each other in a boys' basketball game. One of the kids, an 8th grader, died on the court. Rumor is that he had drank Red Bull before he played. I just wonder if there was some kind of underlying condition that no one knew about. It's so sad...that young....
Posted by P a u l (Member # 1022) on :
It would have been something unrelated, and almost certainly unknown. Red Bull don't do that.

It doesn't take away the tragedy, but it would not have been down to drinking an energy drink.
Posted by pettyfan (Member # 2260) on :
We all figured that...I'm not sure how exactly that rumor got know how kids are. There is supposed to be an investigation into it, so I hope they can find something that will shed some light on it.
Posted by Faith No Motley (Member # 3598) on :
That's awful and at such a young age. Red Bull does speed the heart rate up but it could have been something unrelated.
Posted by Princess Pooh (Member # 5798) on :
Poor kid. I doubt very much that a can of red bull will kill you.

A work colleague of mine's son died suddenly whilst playing Rugby, turns out he had a form of Leukaemia that he was not aware of, he was a fit and healthy lad who loved his sports, such a sad thing.
Posted by EJ Loves Takashi (Member # 7767) on :
Petty, I would guess he had an underlying condition as well. There was a girl I went to high school with who had a heart condition and she was told she couldnt play sports. Her parents let her, and she was an amazing basketball player. She knew she would pass eventually and wanted to live life. She is still alive, but struggles through the day.

I feel horrible for everyone involved. Including the witnesses at the basketball game, and especially the family. It's just horrible.
Posted by aceofspades70 (Member # 6247) on :
I drank a can of Red Bull once, it didn't do ****.

My condolences to the young man's family.

I think it's all hype about the product; advertise anything the right way, and become an instant millionaire.

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