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Posted by The Pyromantic (Member # 7658) on :
The Lovely Bones:


Wow...i finally bought myself to actually watching this movie to the end. And trust me, with how much this movie drags on, that's quite an accomplishment. This movie is dramatic, sad, depressing..and put it mildly=)
But it's a Peter Jackson movie, so what else do you expect?

To be fair, this movie does have a good solid story and it is well acted with a good cast. However, I would not recommend this one unless you're in a pretty dark and melodramatic mood. And if you're not, this movie will pretty much take you there anyway. I also do not recommend trying to watch this movie from the middle if you've never seen it. As it is one of those movies that will just confuse you unless you watch it from the beginning.

Did I mention this movie is long? Yes, it is possible to watch it all in one sitting...but the task is long and grueling...

Now, being a Peter Jackson film...the highlights of this film are, of course, the visuals. There is eye candy a plenty in this movie. Most of it is relevant; but there are a couple visual sequences that seem tacked on with no real purpose.

So overall, this is a pretty decent movie. The dark undertones and subject matter mixed with the dramtic story may make it a bit difficult for some viewers to swallow. Not to mention the length and how the film seems to drag on endlessly. But the cinematography is top notch here and you're never short of some good eye candy.

My Rating:
7 Charm Bracelets out of 10

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Posted by Valley (Member # 1322) on :
Pyro.. I hate to pull an "Explorers" on this movie, but I came away feeling like I watched a really great movie combined with a quirky mind twist at times. What I mean is.. that the story and the parts of the movie dealing directly with the family after the daughter's disappearance were outstanding especially the dad and sister, but I was not a fan of how they attempted to intertwine the otherworldly visiuals that just completely messed with the engaging "to catch a killer' storyline. Maybe both were needed, but by the end it just felt off to me. Hopefully, this makes sense to someone.

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Posted by Muffy Tepperman (Member # 1551) on :
I'm with you guys on this one. I felt the actors were strong......the story was fairly unique....but the dream stuff even though it was Jackson was weird.....just didn't work?

I thought they did the 70s part well.....set design, costume. I do appreciate when they put you in the the decade and it seems to be correct.
Posted by Pittsburghgirl (Member # 7514) on :
I watched this one last year. My husband and I and his friends went up to camp. It was still cold out so I stayed at camp and watched it while they went out fishing. It was kinda long, but it helped me pass alot of time waiting for them to come back. I liked it overall, but I hated the dream sequences. I thought they were silly and didn't go well with the rest of the plot of the movie.
Muffy- I agree with the 70's theme- the house, costumes etc. were right on the money! When I was a small child I could only have dreamed to have lived in a house that groovy.
Posted by Ali_with_an_i (Member # 27) on :
Having read the book I was excited to see this movie. Sadly, I was quite dissapointed. I felt the film was confused which led me to be confused. Hard to expplain that point but oh well, I guess I'll just never have to watch it again.
Posted by The Pyromantic (Member # 7658) on :
yeah..I thought the glitchy afterlife sequences seemed pretty random too. For the most part I enjoyed them visually, but I guess I just didn't analyze their signifigance as much as everyone else here. I felt they worked for the mere purpose of growing a bit more attached to the main character, if nothing else. But I see your points too. Those afterlife sequences are also pretty much a big part of why the movie drags on the way it does.
Posted by Helen_S (Member # 5804) on :
Oh, guess I'll be the first to say I just watched and loved every second of this lol [Big Grin] I was immersed from start to finish. So melancholic and hypnotic. Wonderful. I coulda just sat there for another 3 hours of that.

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