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Posted by Faust1979 (Member # 8548) on :
The action scenes are intense, the movie is well written and the characters are great. Though it does differ in some parts from the comic. I don't want to give it away but certain things involving a character are telegraphed and spelled out more for the audience. A twist that happens in issue 7 happens in the middle of the movie. Seeing Hitgirl get beaten up was way disturbing and a nailbiting scene I hated the guy for hurting her. You hope something terrible happens to the main bad guy. There are a few touching moments here and there near the end between Big Daddy and Hit girl. Nic Cage is great I don't think I could imagine anyone else in the role really. Chloe Moretz has a bright future ahead of her and I hope she doesn't turn into another lindsay lohan. In interviews she seems really smart and articulate.
Posted by Princess Pooh (Member # 5798) on :
I have never heard of this story or the comics before. But I do know now that the film is fab. Really enjoyed it. The opening scene grabs you right away.

Stand aside Adam West here comes Nicholas Cage. lol.
Posted by kingcain (Member # 6644) on :
I have never read or heard of the comic but I went to see it. I thought I was a great funny movie. Man that Hit girl I tell ya she is B>R>U>T>A>L.

I don't know if I a messed up person but I was laughing sooo hard I was crying when Hit girl was beating up and saving Kick *** for the first time in the drug house.
thats all I will say so no spoiler.
Posted by HarryCanyon (Member # 9143) on :
Awesome and hilarious dark comedy that is faithful to the comics and reintroduces audiences to the comics to the non-comic geeks.

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