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Posted by mamamiasweetpeaches (Member # 1715) on :
Before you say "not 80s" keep in mind this show takes place in the 8os , which is one of the reasons I love it. Every episode starts with an 80s song and they usually pick really good ones. This show is based on comedian chris Rocks childhoosd (although he was actually born earlier than the charactor on the show, so I dont know why he decided to make the show be about him in junior high in 85 when he already was done with junior high at that age in real life. Doesnt matter.
Good show, very funny, good charactors, good music, some good (and bad) 80s fashions. I love it.
Currently re-running on NICK AT NIGHT and the BET channel.

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Posted by pettyfan (Member # 2260) on :
I started watching it when the reruns came on Nick at Nite. I like the earlier episodes--I don't so much like the ones from the last couple seasons. Funny show!
Posted by logan5 (Member # 1467) on :
Mamamia! Where the hell have you been?! Have you been living in the modern world again?

I think the show's ok, it's kind of like a fusion of 'The Wonder Years' and 'Malcolm in the Middle'.
Posted by mamamiasweetpeaches (Member # 1715) on :
Computer problems. Im on my daughters laptop now.

Oh I also wanna add that a lot of familiar faces pop up on EVERYBODY HATES CHRIS. just to name a few Jackee ("Sondra" from 227) Ernest thomas ("Raj" from WHATS HAPPEning) Todd Bridges ("Willis" from DIF'FRENT STROKES) Antonio Fargas ("Huggy Bear" from STARSKY AND HUTCH)

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Posted by xchazx (Member # 7158) on :
i love this show and watch it all the time.

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