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Posted by Ali_with_an_i (Member # 27) on :
GM is getting rid of Pontiac. So sad because I always adored the beloved 80's Trans Am and Firebird. [Frown]
It's a sad sad day for me...
Posted by saturnchick (Member # 7524) on :
I had heard that they might not eliminate the line altogether. Apparently, Saturn and Hummer have both been axed, but plans are in the works to streamline Pontiac so that some of the more popular models will still be offered to the public. I certainly hope that they find a way to keep Pontiac's such an iconic American car - the GTO, Firebird, Grand Am, and Grand Prix. My brother had a Firebird and I currently have a G5. It would be very sad to see Pontiac go!
Posted by It's Sam, Mr. Hain If You're Nasty (Member # 3150) on :
growing up my parents almost always had a Pontiac. Very reliable cars.
Posted by jdocster (Member # 5752) on :
A sad day in deed for America. STUPID greedy US auto companies... Analyst are predicting that GM will go completely out of business in the next year. Then Chrysler, maybe Ford. No more American made cars or trucks... Another step towards third world status... [Frown] [Frown] [Frown]

Oh well... Who wants ice cream??? [Smile]


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