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Posted by BabyLove19781999 (Member # 2336) on :

The Peanut Butter Solution
Mr. Dress-Up
Under The Umbrella Tree
Fred Penner
The Elephant Show
The Polka-Dot Door
Today's Special
Dear Aunt Agnus
Join In!
The Rockets
The Raccoons
Much Music
Test Pattern
Zig Zag!
Circle Square
You Can't Do That On Television
The Kids of Degrassi Street
Degrassi Junior High
Degrassi High
The Edison Twins
The Littlest Hobo
Danger Bay
Street Legal


Trooper - Boy With A Beat
Ian Thomas - Levity, Harmony
Kim Mitchell - Go For A Soda, Easy To Tame, Pattio Lantern, Rocklandwonderland
Gowan - Strange Animal, Moonlight Desires, All The Lovers in the World
Frozen Ghost - Round and Round, Pauper in Paradise
The Jitters - Last of the Red Hot Fools, Until The Fever Breaks
Paul Janz - Every Little Tear, Rocket To My Heart, Stand Like a Rock
Sass Jordan - Tell Somebody, Double Trouble
Collin James - Five Long Years
Andrew Cash - What Am I Gonna Do With These Hands
Doug & The Slugs - Making It Work
Martha & The Muffins - Black Stations, White Stations
Billy Newton Davis - I Can't Take It
Maestro Fresh Wes - Let Your Backbone Slide
Candi & The Backbeat - Under Your Spell
Mitsou - Bye Bye Mon Cowboy, Les Chinois
Northern Pikes - She Ain't Pretty She Just Looks That Way
The Grapes of Wrath - All The Things I Wasn't
The Box - Ordinary People, Closer Together
Lee Aaron - Whatchya Do To My Body, Hands On

Anything Else?

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Posted by eightieschick (Member # 4385) on :
Babylove, since I'm from PA, I've never heard of any of those tv shows, and most of the musical artists. But I do remember hearing Kim Mitchell almost every day in the summer of 1985 - Go For a Soda! Loved that song!
Oh, BTW, do you watch Falcon Beach? Or should I say, did you watch it, because it probably alread aired in Canada. I would say it's only mediocre, but I am hooked now because there isn't much on right now on Monday nights. I at least want to see how they end the season, and if they bring it back. It's on ABC Family here in the U.S.
Posted by rocksteadyflamethrower (Member # 1065) on :
"SCTV Network 90"/"SCTV Network"

I first saw reruns of this back in the early 90s. It was a great show that gave us a look at the funny works we would get from people like Eugene Levy, Catherine O'Hara, Rick Moranis and the much-missed John Candy.


John Kilduff
Posted by BabyLove19781999 (Member # 2336) on :
I've never heard of Falcon Beach.
Posted by GoldTransAM (Member # 2973) on :
Posted by eightieschick (Member # 4385) on :
Originally posted by BabyLove19781999:
I've never heard of Falcon Beach.

It was filmed in Canada, I don't know exactly where though. I guess they didn't show it there though. It's kind of a teen soap opera, set at a lake during the summer.
Posted by Stitch G (Member # 2895) on :
Bryan Adams
You can't do that on television
My first girlfriend (an exchange student from Manitoba)
Posted by The Mouse Avenger (Member # 4406) on :
Rock & Rule! [Big Grin]
Posted by Riptide (Member # 457) on :

Four on the Floor
Hangin In
Seeing Things
The Beachcombers
Good Rocking Tonight(on Friday's)
Sam Taylor's video hits
Street Cents


Corey Hart-Never Surrender, Boy in the Box, Sunglasses at Night
Glass Tiger-Don't Forget me, Over the Thin Red Line, I'm still searching
Haywire-Dance Desire, Standing in Line, Black and Blue
One to One-Angel in my pocket, Hold me now
The Spoons-Nova Heart, Romantic Traffic
Boy's Brigade-Melody
Blue Peter-Don't walk on past, Radio Silence.
Saga-The Flyer, Scratching the Surface
Aldo Nova-Fantasy
Stacey Keane-I want you back
Luba- Everytime I see your picture I cry, Let it go.
Toronto-Your daddy don't know, Girls Night Out
Headpins-Don't it make you feel
Streetheart-What kind of love is this, Action, Hollywood.
Rational Youth-Saturdays in Silesia.
The Box-Ordinary People, Must i always remember.
Partland brothers-Soul City
8 Seconds-Kiss you when it's dangerous
Alta Moda-Julian
The Parachute Club-Rise Up, By the feet of the Moon
The Grapes of Wrath-Do you want to tell me, All the things I wasn't.
Nothern Pikes-Things I do for money, Teenland, Hopes go astray.
Tu-Stay with me
Alannah Miles-Black Velvet, Love is.
Rock and Hyde-Dirty Water
Posted by BabyLove19781999 (Member # 2336) on :
I can't believe I forgot Northern Pikes - She Ain't Pretty She Just Looks That Way

I added it to the list up top.

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