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Posted by CT (Member # 2903) on :

Australia Finest.... INXS One of the greatest band of the '80s with a list of smash hits. Formed in the late '70s ...International Superstars by the late '80s INXS defined the '80s decade. Never comfortably fit in with New Wave,even when the band branched out into Synth Pop in there early recordings. INXS started in Perth, Australia but..Did'nt call there self INXS untill they moved to Sydney, and began to play the Pub circuit. The Band featured three brothers..The Farriss Brothers-Andrew,Tim & Jon. INXS landed a Australian record contract, releasing an eponymous debut on Deluxe in 1980. it was'nt untill 1983,INXS got an contract from an American record label Atco Record. Thus spawned the U.S. debut release Shabooh Shabooh which featured the hit single "Don't Change". Which made INXS minor new wave stars. INXS did'nt have a genuine mainstream breakthrough untill 1985's, Listen Like Thieves climbed to no. 11 in the U.S. thanks to the hit single "What You Need" . Listen Like Thieves laid the groundwork for..KICK the album that made INXS international superstars. Released in 1987, KICK was an Multi-Platinum selling album. INXS called it quits in 1997 after the death of Michael Hutchence(RIP)

Here's My Favorite All-Time INXS Songs:

"Kiss The Dirt"(Falling Down The Mountain

"Don't Change"

"The One Thing"

Are there any fan of INXS in the house? and if so what's your fav INXS song?.....
Posted by Ronnie (Member # 465) on :
i like INXS. i know a lot of their songs, but don't really know the names. one song i like the most...MYSTIFY.

a lot of ppl like, NEVER TEAR US APART, but i never cared for it really.

good pick, C.T.
Posted by CT (Member # 2903) on :
Thanks for taking time to reply RONNIE

You are the COOLEST!!!! I really thought this was a good topic(Guess Not)
Posted by isis9968 (Member # 1780) on :
There's a song they goes..

Do do and do do, and do do and do do do do do.....

I can hear the music, and pieces of it...but I know it starts out with all that do do do stuff... it is my favorite song they sing...but I can not remember it either... Help....
Posted by isis9968 (Member # 1780) on :
I went to: and tried looking it up, but none of those titles sounded it is going to drive me crazy.

I just heard it on the radio not long ago too.
Posted by Earth Angel (Member # 3301) on :
Is it Do what you do, from the Pretty in Pink soundtrack???
Posted by isis9968 (Member # 1780) on :
Hey, there Ms. are you doing???

I know Do what you do, and that's not it.

I can hum it pretty good, but that doesn't do anyone on here any good, to be able to help me out. [Frown] [Confused]
Posted by StevenHW (Member # 509) on :
Part of CT's post:
INXS called it quits in 1997 after the death of Michael Hutchence(RIP).
I heard stories that they were reuniting with a different singer. True or not?

I wasn't a major fan of them, but I liked INXS.

On the other hand, I really don't want them reuniting with someone else! It just wouldn't be the same. [Frown]
Posted by isis9968 (Member # 1780) on :
I figured it out!!!

It is:

Your so Fine....

I think that's the name...

It goes...your so fine, loose my mind, and the world seems to disappear....

It "clicked" in my head on the way to get my son from school....

now if I could come up with the other song...geez.
Posted by Ronnie (Member # 465) on :
actually the name of that INXS song, is called DISAPPEAR. good one.

[ 07. February 2005, 15:30: Message edited by: Ronnie ]
Posted by CT (Member # 2903) on :
I guess everybody is into Hardcore Heavy Metal Rock?. Insted of this pre-package Wussy Rock [Confused]
Posted by Ronnie (Member # 465) on :
not everybody,
i like all kinds of rock, and i think INXS has great music.... i don't think of it as wuss rock, it's more alt. 80s stuff... or pop, if you will.
Posted by ValleyCat (Member # 1322) on :
C.T. I listen to all kinds of music and INXS is right up the alley. It is true several Rewinders enjoy the Metal, but several of us love groups like INXS, The Cure, & The Psychedelic Furs. So keep posting about the music you enjoy.
Posted by Noms (Member # 2688) on :
You cannot forget INXS' contribution to the Lost Boys Soundtrack either. Without a doubt one of the finest soundtracks ever released.

Yes, I know. Noms talking about none metal but i do listen to other music too you know...if its GOOD music...

Nomisdrol is dead...

Long live NOMS [Cool]
Posted by stitch groover (Member # 2895) on :
INXS are still going sadly.
They performed a few times with Terance Trent D'arby of all people, and then Jon Stevens, who was the lead singer of another 80's Aussie band Noiseworks.
My favorite songs are "Suicide Blonde", "Baby don't cry", "Disappear" (You're so fine, blew my mind, and the world seems to dissapear. All of the problems, all of the fears, and the world seems to disappear. Doo doodoo doo doo, doo doodoo doo doo, doo doodoo doodoo doo", and "Beautiful Girl". These are all from the 90's actually when I think about it.
Posted by joker (Member # 3840) on :
actuly thay are looking for a new leed singer thay are holding open adisons all over the world in slect citys/countrys sort of what judas priest did when rob halford left after the painkiller the adusions should be over or just about over i know that were going end at the end of febuary 2005 but not shour of the excat date
Posted by Tubular (Member # 3867) on :
INXS are an awseome band, they are one of australias finest exports. Dont change is my fav song, its a pitty hutchsons died before i could see them live.

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