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Posted by isis9968 (Member # 1780) on :
Yesterday we were riding along and I found a radio station with all 80's hits playing...Yippee!! So, they are playing some great stuff, and one of the songs they played was "Girlfriend" by Peebles. Did anyone else love this song?? I love Pebbles, another song I love she did is Giving Your the Benefit.....

Do you wanna ride in my Mercedes, boy?????


Love...makes things happen.....

I am pretty sure she was the orginal producer for TLC,it was her and her ex-husband...I don't know why she still doesn't put out some music, Janet Jackson did. she sure could have, so could have Jody Watley- I liked her too- I loved the song- Don't You Want Me??...I remember a "friend" of mine giving me that song on a tape, and I thought.. woooo hooo hoooo...what a message!! I got it loud and clear.
Posted by CT (Member # 2903) on :
Hi Isis

I just saw your topic for Pebbles,and i have to say i used to love Pebbles she was HOTT!,i saw the video for "Mercedes" yesterday and it still was Jammin'. And speaking of TLC,i went to high- school with CHILLI her real name is Rozonda Thomas and she lived,like 4 houses up the street from me,and BOY!! was she STUCK-UP but she was sooooh fine. Rozonda a.k.a Chilli never came outside and she was'nt the most popular girl at school,but she was one of the prettiest. Chilli was in a higher grade than me at the time. PEBBLES claims she founded TLC, and that she was Shocked to find out that TLC did'nt wont to managed by PEBBLES anymore. I still see Rozonda/Chilli from time to time.
Posted by isis9968 (Member # 1780) on :
That's really cool CT. I thought that even after the death of Lisa Lopes that TLC was still going to make music, but I haven't seen them anywhere.

Doesn't Chili date Usher? Or did they break up?

So, when she was your neighbor did you get together and play kick the can, or have Block parties with her family- [Wink] ???
Posted by CT (Member # 2903) on :
Yes Isis

Chili & Usher was a real couple

And then Usher cheated on Chili, with some groupie in New York while he was on tour,and the groupie ened up pregnant, and she told Usher that she was going to keep the baby. So that's when Usher came up with the Confession album. He wanted to Confess to Chili that he cheated on her, and now the girl he cheated on her with is having his baby.

All i have to say is USHER "keep it in your pants" on tour and you wont have this problem again.
Posted by CT (Member # 2903) on :
Oh I forgot!

Chili did'nt come outside that much,i saw in school more than i saw her in the neighborhood. She had kinda strict parents,you could'nt go and knock on the door,her mother would say something to you from the window before you got to the door........... "Rozonda's Not Home" or "Rozonda Could'nt Have Company"

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