Back to the Future Part II Movie Review

Back to the Future Part II

Getting back was only the beginning.

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Michael J Fox plays Marty McFly as a teenager, Marty McFly at 40 years old, Marty McFly Jr, and his own daughter, Marlene McFly in part 2.

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Ever seen a bunch of tangled up Christmas lights?

Well, that's what you have with "Back to the Future Part II", a multi-layered, busy little adventure that requires you to really pay attention (and to have definitely seen the first film).

It begins with the closing moments of part I, as Marty and his girlfriend, Jennifer, are whisked away by Doc Brown to the future.

It seems Marty's kids are in trouble and, after clearing up the problem, new ones crop up when Jennifer ends up at the future McFly family home. While retrieving her, Marty and Doc leave the DeLorean unoccupied for our favorite bully, Biff, now a hunchbacked 77-year-old. He uses the machine to wreak havoc in the past and, after returning to 1985, Marty and Doc are confused by some changes, as probably are some viewers.

Things are soon figured out and it's back to 1955 to get things right, thus creating one of the more ingenious sequel ideas ever. Marty and Doc end up doing some work "behind themselves" on the same night that Marty went back to 1985 on in the first film. It's a chance for the filmmakers to re-shoot familiar scenes from new angles and alternate perspectives as Fox tries to avoid running into various characters.

Just as you think things are settled, we're left hanging once again as we get a teaser for "Back to the Future Part III"...

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Though well-paced and creative, "Back 2" is not as great as it's predecessor.

It lacks the genuine human emotion and fun from the first film and at times is shot very dark and with a sinister tone (the alternate 1985 is NOT a friendly place). And again, the business in the middle of the film may throw many folks off. But the characters are still engaging and the performances just as great as the first go-round.

The effects, for 1989, are terrific and still hold up well in this day and age of endless CGI. Kids and adults alike are sure to fall in love with hoverboards and the multi-character-by-the-same-actor-shots look really seamless.

Overall, an entertaining story with plenty of eye candy for audiences to get into.

Complex, involving story, terrific effects.
Dark emotional tones, plot could be complicated for some.

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Release Date: 22 Nov 1989
MPAA Rating: PG
Studio: Universal Pictures
Production: Amblin Entertainment, U-Drive Productions, Universal Pictures
Genre: Sci-Fi

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