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Watch out, comes Derek!
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Terry Potter, Pete O'Herne, Craig Smith, Mike Minett

Peter Jackson, Doug Wren, Dean Lawrie, Peter Vere-Jones, Costa Botes, Graham Butcher, Michael Gooch, Peter Gooch, Robin Griggs, Bob Haliburton, Ken Hammon, Clive Haywood, Philip Lamey, Andrew McKay, Laurie Yarrall, Shane Yarrall Update Cast

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Director Peter Jackson not only plays Robert but he is also Derek.

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Some call it the grossest, sickest movie ever made. Others just call it brilliant!

"Bad Taste", the directorial debut of eccentric New Zealand cult director Peter Jackson, is the story of a small New Zealand town plagued by flesh-eating alien zombies.

When shy, lisping skywatcher Derek (played by Jackson himself) notices the unusual behavior of some bloodthirsty stiffs in blue shirts, he calls in "the boys" - the Astral Intelligence Defense System ("we should've changed that name"). The group consists of four intensely stupid Kiwi metal-heads, who trace the aliens back to a charming yellow cottage with an Astro-Turf lawn.

Inside, they discover alien leader Lord Crumb's evil plan to butcher up the human race and ship the meat back to the home planet for a fast-food chain. Meanwhile, Derek - a bit shaken from a plunge off a cliff into a nest of seagulls, cracking open his skull so he has to wear a belt to keep his brain in - appropriates a chainsaw and decides he's going to take care of the alien menace himself.

One of "the boys" manages to infiltrate the alien compound, where he is expected to drink "gruel" made from the leader's personal assistant's "chuck". Yum, yum!

Anyway. After a lot of shooting, splattering and chainsawing, the house/spaceship reels in its Astro-Turf lawn and departs for the home planet, with only Derek and Crumb left inside. In a final showdown, Derek takes his chainsaw to Crumb's head, and crawls through the alien's decapitated body, emerging at the other end with the classic line, "I'm born again!" Then he pilots the ship off to god-knows-where.

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I should stress right here that this movie is really, really gross. It's got everything from brains to fluorescent turquoise vomit to exploding sheep to gallons upon gallons of red Kool-Aid (it's blood; use your imagination). It's also really, really funny, but if you don't like really, really gross, don't watch it.

Jackson created this movie on a $250-grand budget, with a hand-held camera. The acting's terrible, but the fact that the cast is all Kiwi makes some of their crazy lines seem less stupid - don't ask me how that works. The lighting and the gritty quality of the film make for a shaky documentary feel - much like John Waters' earlier films. It's certainly an interesting piece from a cinematic point of view - but don't rent it unless you've got the stomach for it.

Really, really funny. One of the best low-budget flicks ever made.
Really, really gross. Definitely not for everyone. Get your grandmother and/or little brother out of the house before watching this one.

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Key Crew

Director: Peter Jackson
Writer: Ken Hammon, Tony Hiles, Peter Jackson
Producers: Peter Jackson
Locations Manager:

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Release Date: -- Dec 1987
MPAA Rating: ??
Studio: WingNut Films
Production: New Zealand Film Commission, WingNut Films
Genre: Horror / Occult

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