The Wrong Guys


The main characters (Louie, Richard, Belz, Franklyn, and Tim) use their real-life names!

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Five cub scouts reuniting as men, two bullies, three criminals and a squirrel.

Put 'em together and what have you got? The Wrong Guys, that's what!

Seven kids named Louie, Richard, Belzer or "Belz", Franklyn, Tim, Mark and Glen Grunski are cub scouts; Den 7, Pack 18. The Grunskis, however, are a couple of little punks and get kicked out...

Then, one day the scouts all move away from each other. Fortunately, years later, Louie has been in contact with all of them (except the Grunskis) and they have a reunion as adults.

They go on a campout to a place called Mt. Whitehead, but are followed by the Grunskis who plan to get back at them for kicking them out. Even worse, a gang of criminals (led by John Goodman) are hiding out on the mountain from Section 7 of the FBI.

When they see the scouts' flag, with a 7 on it, they think its the FBI!

They go after the guys and when they figure this out, they try to leave in their van, but the Grunskis have stolen their engine. They tell them to give it back and they respond with, we want back in the Den.

They let them back in and they find the engine hanging in a tree, but it falls out! They then try to escape in the Grunskis junky ol' Caddy, but the wires have been chewed up by a squirrel, who had eaten the Grunskis food and gotten them mad!

How will they get away? The Wrong Guys will have to work together with lots of laughs along the way!

This film was filmed in 1987, and released in January 1988. It was a failure in theaters, but it won't be a failure with you!

It is a laugh-out-loud comedy, and you'll luv it! It's a guarantee!


Although panned by many people and critics, in my opinion it is an excellent movie, a great comedy and the 5 stars of this hilarious comedy use their real-life names in the movie and are not only the Wrong Guys, but the Right Guys to make this movie so great!

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Strengths: Very, very funny.

Weaknesses? Removed from theaters after about a week. It's just too cool for that too have been done.

Our rating: 9 out of 10

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The Wrong Guys