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Author Topic: My review of Carrie (2002) and Carrie (2013)
Nostalgic for the '80's
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Here are my reviews of the re-makes of Carrie, from 2002 & 2013 (respectively). I've seen both on Blu-ray:

Note there are SPOILERS below re: both films; I don't know how to insert SPOILER tags in here; not sure it's possible on this board.

Carrie (2002) Blu-ray:

Technical review: Honestly, the print was fairly sub-par - the colors were washed out, and there were several scenes where the lighting was way too bright & obscured people's faces, etc. In essense, the film looked "cheap" for lack of a better word; I know it was a made-for-TV movie, and this low budget really showed here. Also, my Blu player will "open up" most full-screen prints & make them widescreen (I could set it differently, but don't want to bother); that's what happened here - and, I'm not sure if that had something to do with the washed-out PQ.

Re: the film itself: Good re-make, and I liked how it added some elements from the original Stephen King book that weren't in the '76 film, i.e.:

1) The meteor shower that rained down and caused a lot of destruction when Carrie's mother was punishing her (as a child) during a flash-back; this was definitely absent from the '76 film.

2) The scene when Chris's big-shot lawyer father threatened to bring the school to court for not allowing his daughter to go to the prom, in that great scene when he contronted the principal & the gym teacher in the school office. Then, the principal showed that he had a pair by saying that if the lawyer father sued the school, he would counter-sue Chris for victimizing Carrie - this was right out of the book, and was a great scene.

3) More detail shown when Chris, her follower boyfriend, and others went to get the pigs from the pig farm.

4) The scene when the female gym teacher had a brief conversation with Carrie at the prom - i.e., about how she hated her own prom & that Carrie shouldn't take high school so seriously, etc. - her perspective was refreshing, given that it was from someone who had graduated high school years before & saw what a bunch of B.S. it really was. However, this didn't mean much to Carrie, given what happened soon after....

Angela Bettis was sublime as Carrie White; she played the role extremely well - in fact, her performance was definitely as good as Sissy Spacek's in the original. You almost felt like she was playing herself to a great extent (or, at least a version of herself).

Patricia Clarkson as Carrie White's mother was also excellent; she not only gave a performance that was true to the character in the original novel, but IMHO she may have even eclipsed Piper Laurie's original performance. I've always hated religious nuts like this, and seeing this character reminds me of the hypocrisy these people display in real life.

I did not like the ending, re: Carrie's survival & being helped out of town by Sue Snell; this defeated the whole purpose of the original novel's ending. However, since this was going to be the pilot for a TV series, I can see why the film ended the way it did.

That being said, I did find this 2002 re-make far better than the 2013 re-make from almost every standpoint - except for production quality/PQ/etc. However, i still prefer the '76 version out of all three - if only because of the fact that it came out only a couple of years after King's original novel was released - so the setting/time period was a lot closer to the original novel.

Carrie (2013) Blu-ray:

This version is, IMHO, not quite the train-wreck that many are making it out to be. Sure, it's not even close to being as good as the 1976 original, but I found it interesting & worth seeing.

The good:

CM as Carrie; excellent - she did a great job in the role; though obviously not as good as S. Spacek from the original, she was convincing. Well-done here.

I also liked JM as Carrie's psychotic mother; a big departure from her previous roles, but still well-done.

I liked how they showed more of Carrie's telekenisis powers throughout the film, i.e. the scene where she lifted her bed & books off of the floor; the scene where she locked her mother in the closet; she scene where the cracked the wooden door, etc.

The ending prom scene was amazing; the destruction that Carrie wrought was quite impressive, especially what she did to the car near the end - wow...

The bad:

Having one of the girls (the tall blonde one) have misgivings about tormenting Carrie & convincing her bf to take Carrie to the prom out of the goodness of her heart (unlike the original, where the girl had the ulterior motive of humiliating Carrie). Bu$%^&##. I know they did this to make the film less predictable (since it was different from what happened in the original), but it was still a terrible change & took me out of the film.

The last scene when this same girl went to Carrie's house to try to "save" her, and then was told by Carrie that she was pregnant (which we already knew). What a pile of feel-good, PC nonsense...

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I agree with you about Carrie (2013). It was certainly professionally done and not a train-wreck at all. But I question, why? Why do all the classics have to be remade? DePalma's Carrie is one of the greatest horror films of all time. There's no way that you can top it--and they didn't. It came off as sort of the junior-high roadshow version of Carrie.

First, Chloe Grace Moretz was way too pretty for the part. They try to dress her down and ugly her up, but it didn't work for me. Second, I don't like Julianne Moore, probably one of our most overrated actresses. She can't hold a candle to Piper Laurie. Third, while they had money to do more with the f/x--like the levitation--it wasn't necessary. And finally, you couldn't top DePalma's ending. Ever. And they didn't.

It's not terrible, but it wasn't really worth doing.

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