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"May All Your Good Dreams and Fine Wishes Come True!"
Trivia, fun facts and more for the 1988 Comedy movie starring Mike Jittlov, Phillip Michael Thomas, Paige Moore et al.
Contributed by: J. Charles Hazelwood
Jittlov's original "Wizard" short was featured in a Disney special about special effects (Which also heavily featured the newly released "The Black Hole").
Contributed by: J. Charles Hazelwood
Jittlov has a new website and he's stated he's making a concerted effort into learning about the various filmmaking techniques one can use with PC software.
Frank LaLoggia - Director of "The Lady in White") plays one of the disguised policemen.
Contributed by: J. Charles Hazelwood
In the original short the Wizard slips on a banana peel and flies over a jetliner, crashing into the Magic Kingdom at Disneyland. In the remake he flies over a Space shuttle and crashes into the Olympic stadium. Both feature Jittlov himself giving the dive a rating of 9.7, which makes the other judges beat him up.
Contributed by: Martin Bennett
Mike Jittlov went on to work on all sorts of projects. In the film 'Ghost' (starring Patrick Swayze, Demi Moore & Whoopi Goldberg) the 'Dark Spirits' that come to claim the souls of those that have done evil were created/animated by Mike Jittlov.
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The Wizard of Speed and Time