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Trivia, fun facts and more for the 1983 Drama movie starring Kate Nelligan, David Dukes, Judd Hirsch et al.
Contributed by: Carrie
Kate Nelligen was also in Frankie and Johnny, with Michelle Pfieffer, and Al Pacino.
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Kate Nelligan's performance was compared to Meryl Streep, although her promise never really materialized.
Contributed by: Celeste Harmer
Kate Nelligan also appeared in "Dracula 1979" opposite Frank Langella and in "The Cider House Rules," although she had only a bit part in this movie.
Kate Nelligan has had a long and varied career. She had an Oscar Nominated role in "The Prince of Tides" in the early 90's, she was also in "Up Close and Personal" as Robert Redford's wife, "Wolf", "How to Make An American Quilt", "Eye of the Needle", "Eleni", Woody Allen's "Shadows and Fog", "US Marshalls" and "Premonition" as Sandra Bullock's mom. She was also involved in Emmy Nominated television films like "Million Dollar Babies" and "A Mother's Prayer" with Linda Hamilton.
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