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Trivia, fun facts and more for the 1986 Sports movie starring Don Michael Paul, Peter DeLuise, Kathleen York et al.
Now, I know you're saying to yourself, "Self, this stuff about the "Rico Suave" guy and the tall, Hispanic, football jerk Ricky in "Can't Buy Me Love" being the same guy can't be true, can it?" Well, guess what Self? It is the same guy! Gerardo Mejía was in these three films as an actor, and a good one at that, years before he released the zero-hit wonder "Rico Suave" and it's grossly requested bilingual video on "The Box". Remember that? He was right there in front of you! What happened? If we had paid attention to him in '86, maybe we wouldn't be in this situation. I mean, bare-chested with a biker jacket? Latin Du-Rag? Hair extensions? What?
As if he hadn't tortured us enough with "Rico Suave", Mejia came back for another round of punishment when he became an Interscope A&R executive, signing caterwauling Latin sex machine Enrique Iglesias in 1998. Get that guy off my television, I swear to God. Mejia has also been busy with his own excruciating Spanish pop music, and has released no less than five albums and ten singles over the years. He had a recent comeback with the self-depreciating single "Sigo Siendo Rico"(Still Rico).
Courtney Gains, although not as, say, infamous, as Gerardo Mejia, has much more to offer. Between 1984 and 1990, Gains starred in the following films: Children of the Corn, Hardbodies, Secret Admirer, Back to the Future, The Orkly Kid, Lust in the Dust, Winners Take All, Can't Buy Me Love, Colors, The 'burbs, and Memphis Belle. How's that? Does that grab you? Now your Self is thinking, "You mean, this Courtney, he was the redheaded guy in -?" Yeah, he was that guy. Want to know something else? He was in the "Smelly Car" episode of Sienfeld. "The Beast!"

Courtney Gains also starred in "Sweet Home Alabama" as the sheriff
Courtney is still active in the entertainment industry, albeit for the most part in roles which are beneath his talents. He has recently guest starred in episodes of The Guardian and Alias, and starred in the film "Sweet Home Alabama" (with "Can't Buy Me Love" co-star Patrick Dempsey!).
Peter DeLuise went on to be one of the original cast members of 21 Jumpstreet and can be seen as Officer Douglas Penhall in all five seasons. Both Gerardo Mejia and Courtney Gains guest starred in episodes of the series, and the first season is now available on DVD.
Don Michael Paul was busy in the mid-'80's, starring in Dangerously Close in 1986, a "cool kids run amuck" thriller that also featured Thom Matthews. Also that year, along with Winners Take All, was Brotherhood of Justice, another "cool kids run amuck" feature made for television. It was immediately released on video with the sudden success of its stars, Keifer Sutherland and Keanu Reeves. It also starred Lori Loughlin ("Rad", The New Kids, Full House), and even a young Billy Zane!
Later, Don Michael Paul became a successful screenwriter and director. He wrote the films Harley Davidson and the Marlboro Man, a piece of work if I've every seen one, and the Steven Seagal / DMX hit Half Past Dead.
If you want to see someone with some real acting experience, check out the link for Tony Longo, who stars in "Winners Take All" as the Motocross party animal, Bear Nolan.
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