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Trivia, fun facts and more for the 1980 Horror / Occult movie starring Bette Davis, Lynn-Holly Johnson, Kyle Richards et al.
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When "The Watcher In The Woods" was released in April of 1980, it ran in at 1 hour and 48 minutes long. However, audiences giggled at scenes containing a huge, bat-winged alien creature and Disney pulled the film from cinemas, re-editing it to 83 minutes. There were an awful lot of problems about the ending of the film, and THREE endings were actually filmed altogether, one by uncredited director Vincent McEveety. All three endings can be seen on the Anchor Bay DVD. Rumor states that the film was rushed out to match Bette Davisí 50th anniversary in the entertainment field. Because of this, crucial effects shots were not completed for sequences that were eventually cut altogether.
Contributed by: intothesea13
Kyle Richards who portrayed "Ellie" was no stranger to scary movie roles. She had previously played "Lindsay" (the young girl that Laurie Strode babysits with Tommy) in the John Carpenter directed, "Halloween".
Contributed by: Sally Bell
I have visited Ettington Park Hotel at a family wedding recently and it definitely was the filming location of Mr Kellars house and i'm more or less 100 percent sure that the chapel on the grounds is the chapel in which it all takes place in the film... great movie!!!
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Ian Bannen's character, John Keller, lives in a grand old house - the same house was used in the 1963 classic horror film "The Haunting".
Contributed by: Jake
The last name of the family in the novel was not "Curtis" as it is in the movie, but "Carstairs".
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