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Trivia, fun facts and more for the 1986 Dance / Music movie starring Meri D. Marshall, April Stewart, Mary Kohnert et al.
Tony Cox is most known to modern audiences for his role as Marcus in "Bad Santa", but you'd be surprised at all the 80s movies he appeared. For example: He was an Ewok in "Return Of The Jedi", one of the Dinks in "Spaceballs" and the preacher in "Beetlejuice".
John Parr, who performed the 80s hit "Naughty Naughty" and sang "Man In Motion" from "St. Elmo's Fire", performs in this movie with his brother Bob in The Grunts, one of the bands featured at one of Dirk's soirees.
Although the Internet Movie Database says that this movie was made in 1987, it has a 1986 copyright date. The year at the top of this movie's page isn't a typo.
Ron Jeremy's role in this was his first non-porn role, although it was beaten to theaters by "52 Pick-Up". Another adult star, Barbara Dare, can also be seen at one of the parties.
Contributed by: Jim
Meri D. Marshall (Lucy) was a singer, she had an album, "My Obsession", the title track was a single. Neither the Lp nor single hit the charts, but it is still worth a listen, you can find the video "My Obsession" on You Tube, classic 80s!
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