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Trivia, fun facts and more for the 1986 Dance / Music movie starring Prince, Kristin Scott Thomas, Jerome Benton et al.
Although Under The Cherry Moon was released only two years after "Purple Rain", it is not a sequel. There is a sequel to Purple Rain however called Graffiti Bridge which was released in 1990.
Prince's band, The Revolution, make a guest appearence performing "Mountains" as the credits are rolling.
The screenplay was written by Becky Johnston who also wrote the screenplays for "The Prince Of Tides" and "Seven Years In Tibet".
J. Hoberman of The Village Voice calls Under The Cherry Moon "a highly enjoyable circus! Prince's fun is infectious!"
Contributed by: Sinner
In the scene at the club when Prince and Kristin are outside dancing, there's an enormous protrusion from his pants that's only visible at one particular moment. I'm not 100 percent certain it isn't just a lighting accident, but it sure looks like he's "excited" beyond his diminutive frame. Whenever I point this out to people, they always say, "wow! I didn't notice that the first time through", so I thought it might be interesting.
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